What Is Alpha Boost Rocket League? Price, Appearance, And Rarity

What Is Alpha Boost Rocket League? Price, Appearance, And Rarity
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Jack Marsh


21st Jul 2022 18:04

Like many other games, Rocket League has some unique customisable features. From shimmering car decals to neon animated wheels and even dragon-inspired goal explosions, the rewards are only getting more ambitious and fancy. But one stays supreme overall as the most expensive and rarest item in the game: the Alpha Boost Rocket League

But, what actually is the Alpha Boost Rocket League? How much does it cost and why is it so expensive? And, why is it so rare?

Here's everything you need to know about the Alpha Boost Rocket League...

What Is The Alpha Boost Rocket League?

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The "Alpha Boost" isn't actually Alpha Boost at all, but rather the nickname of the limited rocket boost Gold Rush which is part of the limited collection given to players who participated in the Alpha testing of Rocket League back in 2015.

Four rewards were given to players who joined the Alpha test: Gold Cap (Topper), Goldstone (Wheels), Gold Nugget (Antenna), and Gold Rush (Boost), the latter of which is now the most-valued item in the game.

Rocket League Alpha Boost Appearance

In appearance, the boost is quite scintillating. Not differing too much from the standard boost in design - a praised method - the Alpha Boost sines in its flames as it propels the cars into the sky.

How To Get The Rocket League Alpha Boost

Unless you played in the Rocket League beta, there's only one way that you can get the Alpha Boost and that is through trading.

Players can trade the Alpha Boost with other players in the game. Most recently, Moist Esports' Joe "Joyo" Young copped the boost off another player to sport during their record-breaking RLCS Spring Split Major Grand Final.


How Much Does The Alpha Boost Cost?

In the past year, Rocket League's economy has reduced, which has also brought down the price of the Alpha Boost. 

Rocket League credits are now roughly priced at $1 - 200 Credits, and each Alpha reward comes in at thousands of Credits.

  • Gold Nugget (Beta Antenna)
    • 14,000 - 22,000 credits
      • $70 - $110
  • Gold Cap (Alpha Topper)
    • 120,000 - 150,000 credits
      • $600 - $750
  • Goldstone (Alpha Wheels)
    • 350,000 to 450,000 credits
      • $1,750 - $2,250
  • Gold Rush (Alpha Boost)
    • 800,000 to 1,000,000 credits
      • $4,000 - $5,000

The whole set can cost between $6,400 and $7,250, with the Alpha Boost being the most expensive.

According to legend, there are only roughly 500 Rocket League Alpha Boosts, so unless you're sat on a hefty wad of spare cash or have extremely generous friends, you might struggle to get ahold of the item.

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