Moist Esports Win The RLCS Spring Split Major

Moist Esports Win The RLCS Spring Split Major
Rocket League Esports

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Jack Marsh


3rd Jul 2022 18:10

Moist Esports has been crowned as the RLCS Spring Split Major champions after defeating Team Falcons in the Grand Final to prevent the first-ever 'minor region' win.

Moist, owned by popular streamer "Cr1TiKaL", have won their first title in Rocket League with this win, instantly writing their names in the esports history books with arguably the best lower-bracket win since Cloud9's iconic Season 6 victory.

Joe "Joyo" Young, Axel "Vatira" Touret, and Finlay "rise." Ferguson are have a combined age of just 49 (16, 17, and 16 respectively), making them the youngest roster to ever win an RLCS title.


Moist had to force a bracket reset to effectively take four series on the final day of the championships, starting with Karmine Corp before knocking out Version1 and then take two best of seven sets against Falcons. The final saw Moist come from behind in an intense Game Seven to force the bracket reset before taking the second series 4-0 to win the Major.

With the win, Moist now nestle themselves a $90,000 prize, while Falcons take of the second prize of $60,000.

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