PowerWash Simulator Horse Rods: How To Clean The Horse Carousel

PowerWash Simulator Horse Rods: How To Clean The Horse Carousel
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Tarran Stockton


25th Jul 2022 14:48

Cleaning the PowerWash Simulator Horse Rods can be a surprisingly challenging part of the carnival-themed level, as it's proving to be a problem for many players and stopping them from progressing further. PowerWash Simulator has taken gaming by storm recently, with many players enjoying the calmness of cleaning dirty surfaces with a power washer, but amongst all the simple levels are some more challenging ones. So check out how to complete the PowerWash Simulator Horse Rods section and continue through the game. 

Cleaning The PowerWash Simulator Horse Rods

Cleaning The PowerWash Simulator Horse Rods
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During the carnival-themed level, the main priority is for the player to clean the horse carousel. While the majority of this is fairly easy, the Horse Rods are specifically proving to be an issue for many players, as they cannot seem to be cleaned. Part of this is due to the 360 degrees of space both above and below the horse, meaning you need to move around a lot and aim into relatively tight spaces.


The Horse Rods in particular are difficult to clean because parts of them are obscured by the floor and ceiling when the carousel is stationary. This means you need to turn on the carousel with the large button nearby. Once the carousel is spinning, you can aim toward the bottom and top of the Horse Rods which will now be exposed. Holding your aim in both locations will slowly clean them. Saving these until last is also a good idea as you will finish the mission once the parts have been cleaned. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to clean the PowerWash Simulator Horse Rods and finish the carousel level so you can progress further.

We also have a breakdown for how to fix the PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt not working bug, which is stopping some players from being able to finish certain levels. 

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