Marvel Rivals trailers, gameplay details, hero roster & more

Marvel Rivals trailers, gameplay details, hero roster & more
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Dave McAdam


27th Mar 2024 15:00

Marvel Rivals pits heroes and villains from the Marvel multiverse against each other in 6v6 battles, bringing these characters into a competitive setting for the first time in quite a long time.

Marvel Games has been branching out a lot in recent years, so it stands to reason that they might come for the competitive online gaming market.

With a roster of beloved characters, a fresh new look, and some interesting gameplay ideas, Marvel Rivals is coming for some of what Overwatch, VALORANT and League of Legends have had for years.Whether it can succeed remains to be seen, but here is what we know about the game so far.

Marvel Rivals trailer

Every good game reveal needs an Announcement Trailer, and the one above was our first introduction to Marvel Rivals. For a first trailer, it gives us a lot to learn from. The trailer is chock full of gameplay, showing many of the characters in action.

On top of all of the characters and their various abilities, we see the game features quite a lot of destructibility. From toppled statues blocking paths to entire bridges collapsing, players will be able to drastically alter the environment mid-match.

The trailer ends with word of a closed alpha test taking place in May, which fans can sign up for right now.

Marvel Rivals hero & villain roster

Two teams facing off in Marvel Rivals
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Even this early on, we know there are a lot of characters coming to Rivals. We don't know for certain how many will be available at launch, but the characters we've seen in action so far include:

  • Iron Man
  • Spider-Man
  • Doctor Strange
  • Black Panther
  • Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • Loki
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Groot
  • Namor
  • Magik
  • Peni Parker
  • Luna Snow

Then there are a handful of characters who appear in art at the end of the Announcement Trailer, which might imply that these characters are coming at some point in the future:

  • Scarlet Witch
  • Starlord
  • Mantis
  • Storm
  • Cable
  • Magneto

What platforms is it coming to?

So far, Marvel Rivals is only confirmed for PC. It's very early days, so that might change before the game launches. It's a third-person game which will lend itself well to controllers, which is all the more reason the game would sit well on consoles.

All we can do is speculate for now, but with such a big brand name behind it, it's hard to believe the game will stay PC-exclusive. For now, players can look forward to the Closed Alpha test on PC, and hopefully word of a console release in future updates.

Gameplay details

Black Panther and Magik in Marvel Rivals
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As mentioned, Marvel Rivals is a PvP online 6v6 shooter. The obvious comparison is Overwatch, but this is not simply a copy with Marvel skins on top. First of all, this is a third-person game, with a variety of characters who bring both melee and ranged combat to the fold.

Each hero or villain has unique abilities, ranging from basic attacks to chargeable ultimates. Characters like Black Panther and Magik fight with mostly melee abilities, while Iron Man and Rocket Racoon are much more range-focused.

Ultimate abilities also range from Spider-Man's wide-ranged web attacks, to Bruce Banner's transformation into The Hulk, to Loki's transformation into someone on the enemy team.

How the game modes work isn't totally clear yet, but from the first trailer we can see areas marked as objectives and even a moving objective in the form of a chariot. In Overwatch terms, these could be modes similar to Control or Escort.

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Marvel Rivals maps

Asgard and a futuristic Japanese city, two of the playable locations in Marvel Rivals
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We've not gotten direct confirmation yet, but we have seen two locations so far that appear to be maps in the game. Those locations are:

  • Asgard
  • A futuristic Japanese city

We know that the plot around Marvel Rivals involves the current-day Doctor Doom and Doctor Doom from 2099, so this futuristic Japanese location may be from 2099, and may even be tied to Peni Parker, a Japanese hero from the future.

That's all we know so far about Marvel Rivals. For more, stick with GGRecon where we have all the news and guides you need for the latest games, like Dragon's Dogma 2, Rise of the Ronin, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Warzone Mobile, and more.

Dave is a Senior Guides Writer at GGRecon, after several years of freelancing across the industry. He covers a wide range of games, with particular focus on shooters like Destiny 2, RPGs like Baldur's Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, and fighting games like Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8.

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