PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt Not Working Fix

PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt Not Working Fix
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Tarran Stockton


19th Jul 2022 15:09

Some players may have run into the PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt not working bug, which is prohibiting players from highlighting the remaining dirt in missions, stopping them from finishing unless they carefully seek it out. PowerWash Simulator is a game designed around cleaning dirty surfaces with a power washer to make them shiny and new, but with the Show Dirt not working bug, the game becomes much less peaceful. So check out some PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt not working fixes, so you can continue playing properly. 

PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt Not Working Fix

PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt Not Working Fix
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In PowerWash Simulator, the Show Dirt function allows you to highlight the dirty surfaces and remaining dirt in the current level, making it much easier to find exactly where you need to use the power washer. Currently, some players are experiencing a bug where the Show Dirt button just stops working and doesn't highlight any of the dirt, making it much harder to finish levels, especially when there isn't much dirt left to find. The bug seems to have been introduced during patch 1.0, but for now there is no official fix from developers FuturLab.

There are some ways to fix the issue that we currently know about. Firstly, if you encounter the issue on PC, you can go to the settings menu and change the bind for the Show Dirt button (TAB by default) and it should work again. You can then switch it back to your preferred button and carry on. 


Another method to fix it involved quitting out of the current level you are in. If you start a new level after quitting out of the previous job, it should begin to work again, and then you can quit and load back in to finish it completely. It's worth noting that both of these fixes have also reportedly not worked for some players, so if neither do the job, we suggest just restarting the game entirely. 

That's our primer on how to fix the PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt not working bug, and now you know a few methods to get cleaning again. 

We also have some tips for fixing PowerWash Simulator crashing, which is plaguing a few player's games right now. 

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