All transformations & costumes in Princess Peach: Showtime

All transformations & costumes in Princess Peach: Showtime
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Princess Peach: Showtime features a load of different transformations that Peach will be able to use during gameplay, from Swordfighter to Mermaid and beyond.

These transformations change the way that Peach plays, giving her different abilities in the game. They're a great idea and help make the game so much fun to play, as I noted in my review. Each one makes levels play out completely differently and gives her some pretty awesome outfits too - so check them all out below.

All transformations in Princess Peach: Showtime

There are 10 different costumes for Peach, as well as a special transformation at the end of the game once you've beaten all levels.

Swordfighter Peach

Swordfighter Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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Swordfighter Peach can take on enemies with, you guessed it, a sword. She can dodge, swipe, and counter-attack the Sour Bunch.

She also gains a fancy-looking musketeer-style outfit to match her graceful new sword skills! I'm sure this one will be popular among cosplayers.

Detective Peach

Detective Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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Detective Peach's gameplay is similar to a mystery or puzzle game, where you'll need to figure out what happened by gathering clues and talking to locals.

Her outfit is very Sherlock Holmes-esque, but arguably much cuter. She also gets a magnifying glass to carry around! These levels aren't as action-packed as the others, but just as important if you want to see everything in the game.

Kung Fu Peach

Kung Fu Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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Kung Fu Peach turns the game into a beat-em-up, giving Peach the ability to kick and swing off poles. Like Swordfighter Peach, this outfit is very much focused on combat with enemies.

And of course, Peach's outfit is appropriately themed, with a new hairstyle and a full uniform. She'll be swinging around poles and kicking enemies in style.

Patissiere Peach

Patissiere Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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Patissiere Peach is more of a minigame-style transformation, where Peach must bake something within a time limit. You'll be scored based on how accurately you decorate cakes or how many sweet treats you can bake in time.

It also gives Peach this super cute chef outfit, which is almost guaranteed to be a popular cosplay at any convention this year.

Ninja Peach

Ninja Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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Ninja Peach is another combat-based transformation, but this time, it's more about stealth. Peach can hide away behind the scenery on stage and then jump out to strike enemies with her kunai.

She also gets this awesome ninja outfit to match, complete with a big bushy ponytail and flowing scarf. 

Cowgirl Peach

Cowgirl Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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Cowgirl Peach can round up enemies, grab items with her lasso, and even ride a horse - yeehaw!

Peach gains a whole cowgirl look here complete with a cowboy hat and horns. It's a whole western fantasy, and feels pretty epic when you're riding on top of a runaway train to save captives.

Dashing Thief Peach

Dashing Thief Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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Fans of Persona might appreciate this transformation, as she gets her own mask to hide her identity (though not very well, I might add - we know it's you, Peach!)

Dashing Thief Peach is all about sneaking around, and she even gets a glider to fly around with. You'll be tasked with infiltrating areas to retrieve stolen items before making a break for it when things inevitably go awry.

Figure Skater Peach

Figure Skater Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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This graceful transformation turns Peach into a figure skater, complete with a gorgeous dress and, of course, ice skates.

You can glide around on the ice and spin to defeat enemies, really putting on a show. This is definitely one of the prettiest transformations in the game, in my opinion.

Mermaid Peach

Mermaid Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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This majestic look for Peach is based on a mermaid. With this look, Peach can use her magical voice to conduct the creatures of the sea, turning the game into more of a musical. You'll guide fish through the water to reach places you wouldn't usually be able to swim to.

As Mermaid Peach, our favourite princess gains a mermaid tail and a cute scaly top complete with pearl earrings. Another one of the prettiest transformations, for sure.

Mighty Peach

Mighty Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime.
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Finally, Mighty Peach turns the princess into a superhero, complete with a futuristic visor and a full super-suit. In this transformation, Peach can fly, punch enemies with her super strength, and defend the locals from an evil threat.

Secret Transformation

In addition, Peach also has a secret "Radiant" transformation that you'll see at the end of the game once you've completed every previous level.

I won't spoil what it is or what it does, but it's very pretty!

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