Perfect Dark finally gets a gameplay trailer, and it looks stunning

Perfect Dark finally gets a gameplay trailer, and it looks stunning
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9th Jun 2024 18:50

After years of waiting, we've finally been given a first look at gameplay for Perfect Dark, and it's looking more promising than we could have hoped for.

Developed by Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative, it's a rebooted take on the classic franchise from the early 2000s, set in a sci-fi universe and using a first-person perspective. We previously thought that it would be a long while before we saw more of the game, but that all changed at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9.

Perfect Dark shapes up nicely in new trailer

The trailer starts with our protagonist, Joanna Dark, skydiving into an urban desert city, before going into stealth mode to investigate a technology that threatens humanity. What follows is a couple of minutes of raw gameplay, in which we see some pretty intense first-person shooter mechanics, some parkour, and a few elements of immersive sims in there.

It seems like you'll be able to approach missions however you choose, with options to go in stealthy or all guns blazing. We're not sure if the game will be a fully open world or if levels will be self-contained, ala Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Either way, what we've seen of gameplay so far has excited us greatly.

The first Perfect Dark game was originally released on the N64 as a spiritual successor to GoldenEye, so it will be exciting to see a modern rendition of the game released for today's hardware.

We didn't get a release date just yet, but the fact that we've finally seen a gameplay trailer is surely good news. Most of Xbox's slate, such as Fable, seems to be getting release dates for 2025, so we wouldn't expect Perfect Dark to launch any earlier than that. If it does end up launching next year, Xbox players will certainly be eating good!

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