Is There PowerWash Simulator Crossplay?

Is There PowerWash Simulator Crossplay?
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19th Jul 2022 15:05

Players may be wondering about PowerWash Simulator crossplay, and if the game currently supports the feature which has become increasingly more common in recent years, opening up platforms for people to play together. PowerWash Simulator is pretty much what it says on the tin - a simulator game where players get to use a power washer to clean a number of surfaces and make them sparkle like new. With a coop mode too, you may want to know, is there PowerWash Simulator crossplay?

Is There PowerWash Simulator Crossplay?

PowerWash Simulator does support crossplay for cooperative multiplayer, allowing both PC and console users to play together, but it does come with some caveats. If you own the game via Steam, you can play with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users with room codes when setting up multiplayer, but if you purchase the game on the PC Windows store instead, you will be able to join Xbox players on your friends list. As the game is currently not available for PlayStation or the Nintendo Switch, they are excluded from the equation.


Up to six players can play cooperative in Free Play, while the Story Mode only supports two players for its various missions. Setting up multiplayer is also pretty simple, as you can host a game from the main menu, and players on your friends list can just drop in as they like.

If you need a room code instead, just pause the game during a multiplayer session, and turn on crossplay and co-op in the menu. This will give you a room code that you can send to your friends, allowing them to input it from the multiplayer menu and join your game. 

That's all for our breakdown of PowerWash Simulator crossplay, including how it works and the ways you can join friends on other platforms. 

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