All Metaphor: ReFantazio pre-order bonuses & Collector's Edition explained

All Metaphor: ReFantazio pre-order bonuses & Collector's Edition explained
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8th May 2024 15:42



  • Metaphor: ReFantazio has pre-order bonuses with each edition
  • There is a Launch Edition, Collector's Edition, and Digital Edition 

Although Metaphor: ReFantazio doesn't have the widest choice of versions to pre-order, the bonuses you'll get in the Launch and Collector's Editions will be sure to please all manner of players. 

Plenty are excited to get into the latest RPG from the creators of Persona 5, 4, and 3. So, I've laid out all of the options available to you. 

All pre-order & Collector's Edition bonuses

Every bonus you'll get with a Metaphor: Refantazio pre-order is in the table below, covering bonuses in the Launch, Digital, and Collector's Editions:

Metaphor: ReFantazio edition Contents Price
Launch Edition (Standard, physical) Base game, Archetype Experience Item Set, Journey Rations Set $69.99 at Amazon, $69.99 at Best Buy
Collector's Edition (physical) Base game, Archetype Experience Item Set, Journey Rations Set, artbook, soundtrack, steelbook, Kingdom of Euchronia Cloth Map, Homo Tenta Metallic pins, stickers, Atlus 35th Digital Anniversary All-Time Best Soundtrack, Atlus 35th Digital Anniversary History Book, Costume & BGM Bundle (eight sets) $149.99 at Amazon, $149.99 at Best Buy
Digital Edition (Standard, digital) Base game, Archetype Experience Item Set, Journey Rations Set TBA - Available to wishlist at PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Steam Store

I've also linked to listings at Amazon & Best Buy so you can pre-order directly if you're already keen to buy.

However, if you want to pre-order Metaphor Refantazio digitally, I've also linked to each PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam store page so you can wishlist the game on whichever platform you prefer.

Pre-order bonuses

Thankfully, there'll be a pre-order bonus for anyone who buys the game, getting the Archetype Experience Item Set and Journey Rations Set. Here's what each set contains, as listed on Metaphor ReFantazio's SEGA Asia page:

Archetype Experience Item Set

  • Hero's Incense x10 (Increases Archetype experience by 100)
  • Heroic Fruit x5 (Increases Archetype experience by 500)

Journey Rations Set

  • 30,000 reeves (In-game currency)
  • Magical Bread x3 (Recover a small amount of HP while in dungeons)
  • Expensive Medicine x5 (Recovers 200 HP)
  • Stale Blackbread x2 (Deals 300 Almighty damage to one enemy.)
  • Revival Medicine x5 (Revives one ally)

Metaphor: ReFantazio pre-order bonuses along with the Standard Launch Edition
Click to enlarge

From in-game currency and healing items to those that increase exp for Archetypes (which is a key part of the gameplay & combat), these pre-order bonuses offer plenty to get a head start in Metaphor: ReFantazio. 

Collector's Edition explained

Along with the mentioned pre-order bonuses, the base game, and so much more, the Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector's Edition is bundled with amazing extras in commemoration of publisher Atlus' 35th anniversary. 

Including a premium 64-page art book, a 35th anniversary Atlus history book, and even an All-Time Best soundtrack from the brand's history, I'd say this is a fun collector's edition that's well worth the price if you've loved its past games.

Costume & Battle BGM Set

Also as part of the Collector's Edition, Metaphor: ReFantazio's Costume & Battle BGM bundle will include the following sets - all very familiar to Persona & Shin Megami Tensei fans:

  • Shujin Academy School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set
  • Yasogami High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set
  • Gekkoukan High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set
  • Seven Sisters High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set
  • St. Hermelin High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set
  • Jouin High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set
  • Samurai Garb, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set
  • Etrian Odyssey Series Classes Costume & Battle BGM Set

Everything in the Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector's Edition
Click to enlarge

With the included soundtrack, steelbook, pins, sticks, cloth map, and of course top of that, I'd say Atlus fans will be buying a great collection.

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