Best team for the Great League Remix in Pokemon GO

Best team for the Great League Remix in Pokemon GO
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The Great League Remix is a challenging twist on the Pokemon GO Battle League format where the top choices are banned from entering, forcing most Trainers to rethink their usual team.

With longtime favourites like Vigoroth, Whiscash, and Lickitung no longer eligible in this format, you might be struggling to figure out which Pokemon to use in the Great League Remix. I've put together a best team guide to help you out.

Best team for the Great League Remix

One of the best teams you can use for the Great League Remix is Carbink, Annihilape, and Swampert.

Sporting excellent bulk and a great moveset, Carbink shot to the top of the Great League rankings when it was released in June 2023. I'm surprised it's not on the ban list, but I'm also very happy as it's one of my favourite Pokemon to use in the sub-1500 CP format. You'll need XL Candy, but it's worth the investment.

Annihilape is another newcomer that's shaken up the GO Battle League, with balanced stats and a great moveset. Round your team off with Swampert, a classic in both the Great League and the Ultra League - just make sure it has Hydro Pump. If it doesn't, it's one of the best uses of an Elite Charged TM you could make.

Swampert, Annihilape, and Carbink in the Great League Remix
Click to enlarge

Another excellent team you could use in the Great League Remix is Mantine, Mandibuzz, and Gligar.

Regardless of which team you go with, the most important thing you can do is have a team with varied strengths and weaknesses. It's impossible to say what the 'ultimate' team looks like in any cup or league, but if you've got as many bases covered as possible, you'll have a much better chance of winning.

Best Pokemon for the Great League Remix

Here are some of the best Pokemon you can use in the Great League Remix alongside their top movesets:

Pokemon Fast Move Charged Moves Sprite
Carbink Rock Throw Rock Slide & Moonblast
Carbink in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Swampert Mud Shot Hydro Cannon & Earthquake
Click to enlarge
Steelix Dragon Tail Crunch & Psychic Fangs
Click to enlarge
Mandibuzz Snarl Dark Pulse & Aerial Ace
Click to enlarge
Mantine Wing Attack Aerial Ace & Ice Beam
Mantine in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Gligar Wing Attack Aerial Ace & Dig
Gligar in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Annihilape Counter Night Slash & Shadow Ball
Click to enlarge
Empoleon Steel Wing Hydro Cannon & Drill Peck
Click to enlarge

These Pokemon will perform at their best when they're powered up as close to the 1500 CP limit as possible, so I hope you're stocked up on Candy and Stardust!

If you don't have any of the Pokemon above, I'd recommend checking out PvPoke as their rankings will give you a good idea of what's going to perform well in this format.

All banned Pokemon in the Great League Remix

The following Pokemon are not eligible to enter the Great League Remix during the current season:

  • Alolan Sandslash
  • Wigglytuff
  • Lickitung
  • Lanturn
  • Azumarill
  • Umbreon
  • Skarmory
  • Vigoroth
  • Medicham
  • Whiscash
  • Altaria
  • Registeel
  • Deoxys (Defense Forme)
  • Bastiodon
  • Galarian Stunfisk
  • Talonflame
  • Trevenant
  • Charjabug
  • Skeledirge
  • Clodsire

These are the top 20 Pokemon used by Trainers ranked Ace and above in the traditional Great League.

Some of my previous top recommendations including Skarmory and Clodsire are no longer eligible, which means you'll need to think twice about what Pokemon you're going to feature on your team this time around!

When does the Great League Remix run until?

The Great League Remix kicks off in the Pokemon GO Battle League on Friday, May 3, 2024, at 1PM PT / 4PM ET / 9PM BST and runs until Friday, May 17, 2024, at 1PM PT.

It will appear alongside the traditional Ultra League in the first week of its run and the traditional Master League in its second week. You can see my best team recommendations for those by clicking the links.

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That's everything you need to know about the Great League Remix. Make sure you visit our Pokemon homepage for more guides like the latest promo codes and the upcoming Spotlight Hour schedule.

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