How To Unlock Slimline Pro MW2

How To Unlock Slimline Pro MW2
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3rd Nov 2022 15:57

If you are hopping into Modern Warfare 2's Multiplayer, you must know how to unlock Slimline Pro MW2. The Slimline Pro is one of the classic attachments that has appeared in Campaign mode on top of an M4 rifle. Players who wanted to try the same in Modern Warfare 2's Multiplayer were left with the question of how to unlock Slimline Pro, as even maxing out the weapon didn't unlock it. However, we have figured out exactly how to unlock Slimline Pro MW2 so you can use it on any weapon.

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How To Unlock Slimline Pro MW2

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When writing this article, the MW2 Slimline Pro is not unlockable. The reason is still unknown, and there is no official statement on this, nor Infinity Ward nor Activision confirmed it to be some bug. Most of the attachments in Modern Warfare 2 get unlocked by levelling up a particular gun and its branching weapons. But that is not the case with M4's Slimline Pro. 

Even when you select it via the Custom Loadouts section, you will find no description of how to unlock it. Moreover, even if you reach LVL 20 with the M4, which is its max level, or even with the other weapons in the M4 weapon tree. You will not be able to unlock the Slimline Pro. 

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But there is a way to access the Slimline Pro, and that is by playing Private Multiplayer matches in Modern Warfare 2. Since we have all attachments unlocked from the get-go in private matches, including Slimline Pro, you can use it as an attachment if you plan on playing private matches with friends.

Here is how you can use the Slimline Pro in Private mode:

  • Open Modern Warfare 2
  • Select Multiplayer > Private Match. 
  • Create or join a Private Match. 
  • Select the game mode.
  • Head to the Weapons > Loadouts tab and equip the M4 assault rifle. 
  • Under the Optics attachment, you can select the Slimline Pro MW2. 

When Will Slimline Pro MW2 Be Available?

There is no official detail on that, but since much of the MW2 game content is arriving with the game's Season 1 launch, happening on November 16, 2022, you may expect the Slimline Pro to become available by that time. 

Alternatives To Slimline Pro In MW2

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When using an assault rifle like the M4, instead of concentrating on how to unlock Slimline Pro, we recommend players to use the Cronen Mini Red Dot, which you unlock by reaching Level 2 with the FSS Hurricane, for close-range engagements as it increases your precision. Or the Forge Tac Delta 4, which you unlock by reaching Level 9 with 556 Icarus, for mid or long-range engagements. 

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