MW2: Mercado Las Almas Map Guide

MW2: Mercado Las Almas Map Guide
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26th Sep 2022 10:25

Mercado Las Almas is a relatively challenging map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to figure out, especially if you struggle in mid-range battles. However, there are some key locations on this Modern Warfare 2 map that can make the process of defending points easier. Keep reading our Modern Warfare 2 Mercado Las Almas map guide to learn more.

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MW2 Mercado Las Almas Best Defending Locations

Call of Duty MW2 Defending B Spot
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Screenshot by GGRecon

In Modern Warfare 2's Mercado Las Almas, there is a long hallway of markets in the middle of the map. One of the quickest, and possibly most dangerous, ways to get kills quickly is to hang out by a stall on the left or right side. Head to a stall and then press the right analogue stick to mount to it. This will give you more accuracy while aiming. Don't stay too long in this location as it's exceptionally busy, but it will keep your enemies from swarming the B location in Demolition.

Another great location to counter B attackers is the Cantina. Go to the left side of the checkpoint and up some stairs to get a vertical view of the B point. Your vision covers 75% of the area and will give you a good vantage point of this busy area on the map. When you approach the Cantina, be careful of those inside the building. Equip a shotgun and nine times out of time, you'll be successful at taking out your foes. This Cantina location is also great at taking out enemies who are rushing towards the C point. 

Mercado Las Almas B Point Call of Duty MW2
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Screenshot by GGRecon

The A point is a bit more difficult to find a great shooting location as it's more open than the other areas. Hiding behind the police car seems to be a good way to protect this area from the bad guys. However, we recommend moving from place to place as your opponents can appear from multiple directions. 

Best Weapons In Mercado Las Almas

While you're fighting in Mercado Las Almas, you'll need to equip yourself with the right tools and weapons. We would recommend going with a mid-range assault rifle as you can handle multiple situations with it. There are close-quarters and long-range situations on this map.

M4 Sakin ZX Grip Call of Duty MW2
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Screenshot by GGRecon

Pick a scope that can switch between ranges with a weapon like the M4 or the Kastov-74U. The scope can be Schlager 4X or the Hybrid Firepoint. You may want a Sakin ZX Grip rear grip that will help you with the recoil control of your weapon, so you can get a steady shot. 

  • For the best results on your PC (if that's your system of choice), make sure you pick the best PC graphics settings for your system as well.

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