Best DG-56 Warzone 2 loadout, attachments, class & perks

Best DG-56 Warzone 2 loadout, attachments, class & perks
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8th Dec 2023 12:11


Creating the best DG-56 loadout in Warzone 2 is essential for anyone who wants a deadly AR that can two-burst opponents at mid to long-range. While countless new weapons were introduced with the MW3 Season 1 integration, the DG-56 is standing out as a premium option in the meta.

Of course, to maximise this gun's potential, you need a well-balanced setup that's built to thrive in Urzikstan. Well, we've put together the strongest DG-56 loadout in Warzone 2 - and it's guaranteed to rack you up plenty of kills.

Best DG-56 Warzone 2 loadout

DG-56 Warzone loadout
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  • Muzzle: VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor
  • Barrel: DG-56 LS18
  • Optic: CORIO Eagleseye 2.5x
  • Magazine: 60 Round Drum
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Heavy Support Grip

Begin your DG-56 loadout in Warzone 2 with the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor for a boost in bullet velocity, damage range, and a touch of recoil control. On top of that, the attachment keeps you off the minimap when firing which is essential for stopping any enemies tracking you down.

Follow this up with the DG-56 LS18 for even more bullet velocity and range, ensuring any targets at long range get instantly wiped out. Of course, you'll need a powerful optic to lock onto foes and that's where the CORIO Eagleseye 2.5x comes into play. Offering top-tier visibility, it's easy to pick off an entire squad with this scope equipped.

After that, the Bruen Heavy Support Grip offers a tremendous amount of stability, especially when it comes to horizontal recoil control.

Finally, the 60 Round Mag is a must so you never run out of ammo in a skirmish, especially against bigger squads.

Best DG-56 class: Equipment & perks

DG-56 setup Warzone
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Start off your Perk picks with EOD to protect yourself from pesky non-killstreak explovies. There's nothing worse than dying to a Clarymore or a Grenade, and this adds an extra level of protection.

Next up, utilise Double Time to enhance your mobility by allowing you to Tac Sprint more often, something that is brilliant for pulling off rotations in the late game.

After that, Quick Fix is brilliant for restoring your health after killing an opponent, reducing the chance of your being caught while vulnerable. Speaking of getting surprised by a foe, High Alert will cause vision pulses around your screen whenever you've been spotted by an enemy, which is particularly useful on Urzikstan with all those annoying snipers.

Finally, round off the setup with a Throwing Knife for finishing off downed foes and a Smoke Grenade to cover your rotations from enemy gunfire.

How to unlock DG-56 in Warzone 2

To unlock the DG-56 in Warzone 2, you'll need to reach level 25 and activate the Armory Unlock challenge. Then it's just a case of completing a set amount of daily challenges and the AR will be yours!

Best DG-56 alternative in Season 1

BAS-B Warzone
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If the DG-56 isn't quite matching your style of play or you hate burst weapons, then in my opinion, the BAS-B may be a better choice in Warzone.

This hard-hitting Battle Rifle has one of the fastest TTKs in the game and obliterates foes at mid to long-range. The full-auto BR can also decimate opponents if they come too close, so it's the ultimate carry weapon for Urzikstan.

Currently, it's also one of the most popular options in Warzone alongside the DG-56, so it's a true contender in the meta.

Now you know the best DG-56 loadout in Warzone, why not familiarise yourself with the best weapons in MW3 so you can dominate foes in multiplayer? Be sure to check out our MW3 homepage for all of the latest news and guides.

Alex is a Senior Writer at GGRecon. With a BA (Hons) in English, he has previously written for Dexerto & Gfinity. Specialising in Call of Duty & Apex Legends, he loves (attempting) to improve his aim in competitive shooters and will always make time for a single-player RPG.

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