Best SMG MW2: What Is The Best MW2 SMG?

Best SMG MW2: What Is The Best MW2 SMG?
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Jack Marsh


16th Nov 2022 17:45

Looking for the best SMG in MW2? Here’s the guide for you, Call of Duty demons. The best choice for a run and gun class and the nuke-dropping weapon choice is a submachine gun. The only option when it comes to taking over objectives on the map and getting behind enemy lines is one of our best SMG MW2 guns.

The submachine gun class is arguably the most important one to master, given that nothing compares to it up close and personal. So, with a range of new options, here are the best Modern Warfare 2 SMGs (keep scrolling for a bonus).

Best SMG MW2 - Our Top Picks

3 - FSS Hurricane

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From the early showings, the FSS Hurricane is one of the best SMG MW2 choices in town. The FSS Hurricane is a fast-firing submachine gun that does more than it should be able to. Originally, the FSS Hurricane is supposed to struggle with long-distance, but it really doesn’t, especially with the right stock and grip. A king of close-quarters and a weapon to avoid challenging against at mid-range too, the FSS Hurricane is a great choice for your all-rounders in small maps.

If the FSS Hurricane sounds like it's up your street, check out our best FFS Hurricane loadout guide.

2 - Lachmann Sub

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For the first time in years, the Lachmann Sub isn't the best close-range weapon, although it likely will become one of the best SMG in MW2 following a few patches.

Its range fall-off has significantly decreased in its early stages and struggles with recoil initially. Maxing out the attachments will benefit you massively, however. With a lot of movement pros and few cons at a high level, the MP5 is back, and the Lachmann Sub is one of the best SMG MW2 choices, especially if you're a self-proclaimed movement king.

1 - Vel 46

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The MP7 is now called the Vel 46 in MW2, and even though it's the starting SMG, you need it in your life as one of the best SMG MW2 choices. Even though it's only really impressive when levelled up to the maximum, the Vel 46 is quite unstoppable and sits quite happily on the throne for the best MW2 SMGs. You will need the right blend of attachments to keep it straight as an arrow, but with the Vel 46 variant of the MP7 boasting more fluidity than other editions, you can afford to sacrifice some movement for accuracy.

Bonus - Kastov-74u

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Arguably the best SMG MW2 choice isn’t actually a submachine gun at all. Instead, the Kastov 74u (a remake of the iconic AK74u) is an assault rifle, but it is still one of the most destructive close-range guns in the game. Even in its base status (no attachments) players have already begun to figure out that the 74u meta is back again. Coming in with its typically high mobility, manageable recoil, and slow-yet-powerful bullets, the 74u might actually be misplaced as an AR and better served as the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2.

It's set to be quite a good year for Modern Warfare 2 SMGs, so you might want to take full advantage of them through the beta.

We also have a full MW2 weapon tier list so you can see all of the best choices for gunning.

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