All rewards for MW3 & Warzone x The Walking Dead: Fear the Living

All rewards for MW3 & Warzone x The Walking Dead: Fear the Living
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29th Feb 2024 17:02


The Walking Dead is the latest crossover to hit MW3 and Warzone, and with it comes a limited-time event titled Fear the Living, in which Call of Duty players can unlock all kinds of exclusive in-game items related to the hit TV series. This primer details all the rewards up for grabs and how to get the rewards in both titles!

Start & end dates

The Walking Dead: Fear the Living Event is live in MW3 and Warzone now! The event runs until March 6, 2024, so you have about a week to collect all the exclusive goodies.

How to earn rewards in The Walking Dead: Fear the Living Event

The Michonne Operator in MW3 & Warzone
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Earning rewards in The Walking Dead: Fear the Living Event is as simple as it gets. You don't need to complete any complicated challenges; all you must do is play Multiplayer and/or Warzone and earn XP. As you net XP, you'll progressively unlock The Walking Dead-themed cosmetics!

To optimise your XP gains, consider playing Small Map Mosh Pit or Meat 24/7 in Multiplayer or Resurgence in Warzone. These playlists are prime for earning XP, as you'll constantly be getting into gunfights. 

If you're in a rush and have the spare COD Points, you can equip the Michonne Operator from the Tracer Pack: The Walking Dead: Michonne Bundle to receive bonus XP after every match of Multiplayer or Warzone!


The Barbed and Dangerous Universal Weapon Camo
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There are ten rewards altogether tied to The Walking Dead: Fear the Living Event:

Reward XP Requirement
The Brave Man Weapon Sticker 10,000 XP
Double XP Token 22,250 XP
Red Machete Large Decal 37,250 XP
Double Weapon XP Token 55,650 XP
Lucille Charm 78,150 XP
Carl’s Favourite Large Decal 105,750 XP
Sheriff Deputy Rick Emblem 139,500 XP
Don’t Open Dead Inside Calling Card 181,000 XP
Double Battle Pass XP Token 231,650 XP
Barbed and Dangerous Universal Weapon Camo 293,750 XP

That's the gist of the MW3 & Warzone x The Walking Dead: Fear the Living Event. Earn XP from now until March 6, 2024, to unlock all sorts of The Walking Dead-themed cosmetics, including a slick Universal Weapon Camo.

Could MW3 & Warzone x The Walking Dead be the first of many Call of Duty collabs in 2024? Check out our Call of Duty homepage for more news and guides on the renowned first-person shooter franchise from Activision.

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