How to get Horde Hunt Skulls & Bones fast in MW3 Zombies

How to get Horde Hunt Skulls & Bones fast in MW3 Zombies
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12th Feb 2024 17:32

The arrival of the Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 update marks the addition of a new event called Horde Hunt, which requires you to collect Bones and Skulls to unlock rewards. 

However, the game doesn't clearly explain how to earn these tokens, leading many Modern Warfare 3 players to have a hard time completing this event. Therefore, this article takes a look at some of the most effective methods to help you quickly earn Horde Hunt Skulls and Bones in Modern Warfare 3.

Best ways to farm Skulls and Bones in Modern Warfare 3 Horde Hunt event

MW3 Horde Hunt
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The best way to obtain Skulls and Bones for the Horde Hunt event is by playing the Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3. You simply have to take down a ton of zombies that eventually drop Bones and Skulls on the ground upon death. However, it’s important to note that normal zombies only drop Bones, so you won’t get any Skulls from them.

If you want to farm Skulls, you have to defeat the armored Zombies. The majority of the armored zombies can be found in the level 2 threat area and make sure to activate a few contracts before heading to this location so that you can find them in abundance. The game also shows the number of Skulls and Bones you've collected so far on the left side of the screen during the match.

MW3 Zombies Skulls and Bones
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Besides the Zombie mode, you can follow the same steps in the newly launched Hordepoint mode to obtain Skulls and Bones. The Hordepoint mode is a variation of the iconic Hardpoint mode where you’ll also run into different Zombies apart from human opponents.

Since the zombie spawn rate is relatively lower in Hordepoint, I would highly recommend sticking to the regular Zombies mode if your primary objective is to farm Skulls and Bones.

All Horde Hunt event challenges and rewards

MW3 Horde Hunt event page
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Here’s the list of challenges and their rewards in the Modern Warfare 3 Horde Hunt event:

  • Epic Aether Tool – Collect 75 Zombie Bones
  • Bugged – Collect 155 Zombie Bones
  • Bugged – Collect 310 Zombie Bones 
  • Epic Aether Tool – Collect 625 Zombie Bones
  • Bugged – Collect 1250 Zombie Bones
  • Legendary Aether Tool – Collect 2500 Zombie Bones
  • Bugged – Collect 5000 Zombie Bones
  • Ray Gun Case – Collect 10000 Zombie Bones

Featured Challenges

  • Tiny Screams Charm – 600 Armored Zombie Bones
  • Dogs of Hell Calling Card – Collect Hellhound skulls
  • Cursed Ammo – Collect Mimic skulls
  • Killshot Swagger Operator Skin – Complete all three Featured Zombies challenges

Please note: Certain rewards are not being displayed correctly in the game; instead, they appear as white squares. Therefore, we have labelled those rewards as bugged in the above list.

The Horde Hunt event ends on Sunday, March 3, 2024, so make sure you grab all the rewards before the deadline.

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