How to farm Manglers in MW3 Zombies

How to farm Manglers in MW3 Zombies
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4th Dec 2023 14:57

Modern Warfare 3 offers a variety of Camo and other challenges where you will be tasked to kill a certain number of Manglers to complete them.

While Modern Warfare 3's daily challenges and others associated with Manglers are easy to complete, unlocking certain Base Camos of weapons in the game can require farming Manglers.

So, if you want to earn those camos as fast as possible, here's what you need to know about farming Manglers in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. 

What are Manglers?

MW3 Manglers
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The Manglers are among the many elite zombies in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies with good high defence. They deal ranged attacks with high damage, are tanky but highly mobile, and only have a few weak points that you can use to deal slightly more damage.

How to farm Manglers

MW3 Manglers Farm
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There are two ways to spawn Manglers in Modern Warfare 3: by exploring the Tier II and Tier III zones, or tackling the different activities scattered around Urzikstan. 

However, the best way to endless spawn and farm Manglers in the game is by taking Tier II Contracts, especially Raid Weapons & Outlast, and never completing them. While both guarantee infinite Mangler spawn, we like to do the Tier II Raid Weapons.

If you are a lone player, you can still farm Manglers by taking Tier I Bounty Contracts and Escorts. The bounties always spawn either Manglers or Mimics.

MW3 Mangler
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On the other hand, while progressing the Tier I Escorts, you will spawn around three Manglers. Keep doing the Tier I Bounty and Escorts for spawning Manglers to complete your Camo Challenges.

To sum things up, here is how you can farm Manglers in Modern Warfare 3: 

  • Tier I Bounty: Spawns either a Mangler or Mimic  
  • Tier I Escort: Spawns around three Manglers 
  • Tier II Raid Weapons: Spawns endless Manglers if you don't finish the contract. 
  • Tier II Outlast: Spawns endless Manglers if you don't finish the contract. 
  • Natural Spawn: Exploring Tier II and Tier III zones. 

That concludes our guide on all zombie types in Modern Warfare 3. While you are here, check out our guides on the best controller settings and all the killstreaks in the game

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