Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 info, new maps, weapons & more

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 info, new maps, weapons & more
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22nd May 2024 12:10


Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is around the corner, and I've put together all the details you need to know here.

There's a lot of new content coming to the game, including new 6v6 maps, updates for Zombies, changes to Warzone, and new weapons and equipment. This is shaping up to be a big season for MW3 so let's dive right into the changes.

All new maps in Season 4

The Tokyo map in Modern Warfare 3.
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Season 4 features two new core 6v6 maps at launch, as well as a Das Haus Vortex variant "certain to Gross you out" later on.


Tokyo is a 6v6 map available at Season 4's launch. It's a mid-size map based on the nightlife of Tokyo. You'll be fighting amidst the late-night entertainment of the Japanese city, including an Arcade and Manga building.


Paris is set in, you guessed it, France's capital city. It's another core 6v6 mid-sized map set among the city streets. Areas include a central Police Station and a Gallery.

Incline (mid-season)

Incline is another mid-sized 6v6 map coming to the game, but this will arrive a bit later in the season. Set in an isolated research outpost in the Urzikstan mountains, this snowy map is reminiscent of the classic map Summit.

Das Gross (mid-season)

Das Gross is a variant map coming to 6v6 modes later in the season. It's a small map compared to the others, but definitely has the creepiest aesthetic.

Weapons, Equipment, Modes, Ranked & more

Info about MW3 season 4.
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Here's a list of all the new weapons, modes, equipment and other changes coming to the game with Season 4.

New Weapons

  • Superi 46 Submachine Gun
  • Kar98k Marksman Rifle
  • Reclaimer 18 Shotgun
  • Sledgehammer Melee Weapon

New Modes

Here's a list of the new modes coming in the season and when they'll be available:

  • Demolition (launch)
  • Hyper Cranked (launch)
  • Havoc (mid-season)
  • Headshots Only (mid-season)


Ranked rewards will be available at launch and can be earned in any season as per usual. Skill Division Rewards have been updated so you can focus on unlocking your Ranked Play Operator Skins.

New Perk: Mission Control Vest

Streak Specialist

  • Equipment Slots (6): Tactical, Lethal, Field Upgrade, Gloves, Gear (2)
  • Reduces kills required by 1 and score required by 125 for Killstreaks.
  • Earn 1 kill or 125 score for every 2 Kill Assists or Cross Fire Assists.

Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Mission Control Comlink, gain the effects of High Gain Antenna.

New Perk: Compression Plate

Immediately regenerate health after a Primary, Secondary, or Throwing Knife/ Throwing Star kill. Objective captures also trigger health regeneration. An icon appears on your HUD when this Perk is active.

New Killstreaks

  • DNA Bomb
  • Missile Drone
  • Loitering Munition
  • Intelligent Munitions System

Zombies Update

Join other members of Operation: Deadbolt during Season 4 Reloaded to investigate numerous and violent anomalies lurking within what Sergei Ravenov has termed an Unstable Rift.

Players can deploy to the Exclusion Zone and undertake a "focused race" to access the Unstable Rift. Only the first squad to reach a Rift will be transported into it.

Clearing an Unstable Rift will refresh weapon and schematic cooldowns, and you can repeat Rifts as many times as you want as long as you can enter them.

Warzone Season 4 update

There's increased activity in the Bunkers found in Urzikstan, and after keycard access is obtained you can get new high-level loot and intel regarding [REDACTED].

Additionally, the Gulag has been updated. You'll randomly drop into one of four Gulag variants when you enter your 1v1 duel.

A new vehicle called the Polaris RZR will be usable in Urzikstan at launch. It's a real-world UTV with tight handling and three seats.

Designated points of interest on the map may identified as Loot Hot Zones. Get there before the enemy and you’ll be rewarded with higher tier loot than normal. Also, a number of Redacted Weapons, each found within a Loot Hot Zone or Bunker, have been confirmed as Ground Loot to find.

That's just a summary of the changes coming to Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. In addition to all these updates, there's plenty more to read about in the official post on the Call of Duty website.

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