MW2 Season 2 level cap: What is it?

MW2 Season 2 level cap: What is it?
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Joshua Boyles


14th Mar 2023 15:00

Those that are currently playing Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 might wish to know what the level cap is. In Modern Warfare 2, leveling up your account is crucial if you want to unlock new weapons and gadgets to play with. However, if you play enough then you'll eventually reach the MW2 level cap. But what level is this? Here's everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare 2 level cap in Season 2.

Previous MW2 level caps

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The original level cap in Modern Warfare 2 was Level 55. This is the maximum level that players could reach between October 28th and November 16th. As players leveled their way up to Level 55, they could constantly unlock new weapons, perks, and score streaks.

Once players reach Level 55, they would still be able to continue earning XP and level up their weapons. However, they would be able to progress their account rank any further. This is because Modern Warfare 2 didn't let you prestige your account at the time.

MW2 level cap: Season 2

However, now that a few Battle Passes have been released for MW2, the level cap is much higher. You can now level all the way up to level 450, although this will take some serious grinding to pull off.

If you're struggling to reach the level cap in MW2, make sure to complete as many daily and weekly missions as you possibly can. This will reward you with XP bonuses to increase your rank further.

In addition, be sure to look out for Double XP weekends. Here is when the next one is.

If you're still struggling, give our "how to level up fast in MW2" guide a read.

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