How To Level Up Guns Fast In MW2

How To Level Up Guns Fast In MW2
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Coleman Hamstead


11th Jan 2023 14:41

Are you in search of the best ways to level up guns fast in MW2? Levelling guns isn't always fun, but it's a necessary evil if you hope to unlock the full roster of weapons and attachments in Modern Warfare 2. In this guide, we'll review how to level up guns fast in MW2.

How To Level Up Guns Fast In MW2

1. Play In A Party

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If you play MW2 on PlayStation, you get to enjoy several exclusive benefits. One of the best perks of playing on PlayStation is the PlayStation Party Bonus. When playing in a party, PlayStation players receive +25% bonus Weapon XP. This bonus still applies when partying with teammates on different platforms, so don't hesitate to play with your buddies on Xbox and PC.

2. Take Advantage Of Double XP

Taking advantage of Double Weapon XP Tokens and Double XP Weekends is one of the best ways to level up guns fast in MW2.

As the name implies, Double Weapon XP Tokens offer a temporary XP boost to Weapon XP. You can earn Double Weapon XP Tokens from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign rewards, the MW2 Vault Edition, and the Battle Pass.

Occasionally, Infinity Ward will bless the community with a Double XP Weekend. And if you're on PlayStation, expect exclusive monthly Double XP events. Clear your schedule when these Double XP opportunities arise.

3. Play The Objective

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Playing the objective in MW2 Multiplayer does wonders for your Score. Modes like Search and Destroy offer ludicrous amounts of XP per kill, and you can earn Weapon XP in modes like Kill Confirmed by just collecting tags. Furthermore, matches in objective-based playlists tend to last longer, leaving more opportunities to secure Weapon XP.

4. Farm Bots In Invasion Mode

MW2 Invasion Mode is one of the best spots to level up guns in MW2. This playlist features large quantities of AI bots that fight alongside human players. However, if you learn how to pick out the bots, you can farm them efficiently and earn a boatload of XP.

Try to make your way to the enemy spawn area and find where the bots are spawning. Place a Tactical Insertion, get a Munitions Box ready, and slay bots to your heart's content. If you can avoid being pestered by real players, you can rack up tons of Weapon XP with this strategy.

5. Play Spec Ops

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On the MW2 Spec Ops Mission, Defender: Mt. Zaya, you can accumulate some serious Weapon XP. This Mission will have you fending off waves upon waves of AI enemies, and in the beginning, you'll be able to choose from a large selection of weapons. Grab the gun of your choice and defend the Observatory from Al-Qatala forces. When it's all said and done, you should amass a chunk of Weapon XP.

So, there you have it — five tried and true strategies to level up guns fast in MW2. Levelling guns can be a pain, but with the methods listed above, you can make the most of your time on MW2.

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