MW2 Invasion: What Is It?

MW2 Invasion: What Is It?
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Daniel Hollis


14th Nov 2022 04:01

One of the latest, and perhaps not best explained game modes in the latest Call of Duty title is MW2 Invasion. While it looks, plays, and feels similar to Ground War, there are a lot of changes under the hood. Some of the biggest gameplay modes this time around are hidden within the larger-scale battles which allow up to 64 players to fight it out. Unfortunately, Infinity Ward doesn't contextualize for players but we have a rundown on exactly what Invasion is.

What Is MW2 Invasion?

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In the case of Invasion in Modern Warfare, players are pitted against one another in two teams of 20. Alongside this, you also have 20 AI teammates on each side as cannon fodder to help with the fight. Your main goal is to rack up points, similar to team deathmatch, but there’s a variety of extra ways to do this in Invasion.

Serving a chaotic and overwhelming game mode for first-timers, MW2 Invasion is not the same as a standard team deathmatch. There are more ways than one to earn points for your team, offering you a multitude of ways to reach victory. AI-controlled enemies will grant you 1-point, whilst normal player-controller enemies will warrant 5-points.

Additionally, your killstreaks will offer you score boosts in MW2 Invasion, but as with any other game mode, you will only gain killstreaks by killing actual enemies, not AI-controlled ones. It’s important to try and gain as much of these as possible to help push your team forward. Also, be sure to equip the best killstreaks for the job that will provide the most damage.

Invasion also includes vehicles across the map to add to the large-scale warfare. You can use these to run down foes, or reach one side of the map to the other. Additionally, care packages also periodically drop into the map. These take a few seconds to collect but are worth the risk if you manage to obtain one. From our experience, we’ve gathered some fairly powerful killstreaks, such as chopper gunners and gunships.

If you’re looking for something a bit easier to pick up and play, Invasion is actually a relatively good shout. Due to the density of AI players, you’re less likely to be killed instantly and have more teammates around you to defend you. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s very easy to get into the swing of things in this Modern Warfare 2 mode.

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