MW2: How To Edit Calling Card

MW2: How To Edit Calling Card
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27th Sep 2022 11:03

Your Modern Warfare 2 calling card is a showcase of your personality to your allies and foes. Whenever a killstreak activates or your gameplay is displayed at the end of the match, the calling card is shown. Here's how to change your Modern Warfare 2 calling card so it suits your profile. 

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How To Change Calling Card in Modern Warfare 2

MW2 Change Calling Card
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At the main menu, press the Options button on your PlayStation controller or a different pause button on an alternate system. Next, press R1 (RB) multiple times until you reach the last tab on the right. Now, you can alter your calling card, emblem, and clan tag.

There are three major ways to change your profile in Modern Warfare 2. First is your calling card, which acts as the background image of your profile box. The core pictures offer a variety of war scenes including a helicopter flying over a flash fire or soldiers walking through smoke. There is also an art piece with a skull's mouth agape; this calling card also has the letters M and W in a stylistic manner. 


The second part of your profile image is the emblem. There are many options for you to choose from like different variants of the Modern Warfare 2 logo and other emblems from the series. 

Lastly, there is your clan tag, which is displayed at the end of your name. Usually, it's an abbreviation of your friend group's squad name. For example, if you wanted to call your group "Thunder Strike," the clan tag could be the initials of TS. 

How To Unlock Calling Cards In Modern Warfare 2

Change Calling Cards MW2
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Calling cards can be unlocked in multiple ways in MW2. The main way to find calling cards is by simply levelling up your profile. As you gain new rewards like weapons and lethal equipment, calling cards will also be a part of the mix. In addition, the game will ask you to finish challenges like defeating a certain amount of enemies with a gun like a pistol. The free and premium battle pass that is included in Modern Warfare 2 will likely include calling cards as well, just like 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

Make sure you have the best graphics settings possible for your performance, so you can succeed in getting as many calling cards as you can.

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