MW2 DMZ Mall Rat: Details & How to Complete

MW2 DMZ Mall Rat: Details & How to Complete
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Harry Boulton


10th Jan 2023 16:16

The MW2 DMZ Mall Rat mission is causing players quite a lot of bother, as its rather strict requirements appear near-impossible to complete. As an extraction-based mode, MW2 DMZ has players completing a number of different tasks for the factions, which give attractive rewards as an incentive.

However, some of them can seem quite confusing to complete, so make sure to continue reading this MW2 DMZ Mall Rat guide to see all the details of this specific mission.

MW2 DMZ Mall Rat Mission Overview

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The MW2 DMZ Mall Rat quest is a tier-three mission from the White Lotus faction. It gives a double weapon XP token and 10,000 XP as a reward for completion. There are two subtasks that you will need to complete in order to finish the mission, and they are as follows:

  • Kill 20 enemies in the Sa'id City mall without being downed
  • Kill three Operators in the Sa'id City mall

While these tasks initially seem straightforward, they are deceptively simple and can end up being a real headache if you go about it in the wrong way. 

How to Complete the MW2 DMZ Mall Rat Mission

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As mentioned, the MW2 DMZ Mall Rat mission is deceptively simple. While the two subtasks are relatively easy in isolation depending on your skill level, the difficulty comes from getting into the mall, and attracting other players to your position.

Much like most quests that require you to kill enemies within a specific area, the tricky part is often actually finding the people to kill as you can often be left waiting for a proverbial bus that never shows up.

There are two ways to actually get into the mall in order to complete this task. The first is through the front door, but to do that you will need to have the Al Sa'id Shopping Centre key on you, which is obviously a bit tricky to find and maintain.

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The second route however does not require the key, and is arguably a bit safer too. Head to the top level of the parking lot next to the mall and look left as soon as you exit from the ramp. You should be able to see the roof of the mall, and thus you will be able to jump right over and tackle things from above first.

There are quite a few tougher AI enemies around here - including those with riot shields - so definitely do come prepared and take things slowly as the last thing you want is to be at 19 kills and be suddenly downed.

While it does seem as if kills from the top of the parking lot should count - as the mission triggers as soon as you reach there - some players have given anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

Furthermore, there have also been conflicting reports as to whether any kill you make from the mall counts - for example, long range sniper kills from the roof of the mall to another location. To be safe, it is best to try and stick to kills within the mall to avoid any additional headaches.

The other key problem many players have been running into when trying to complete the MW2 DMZ Mall Rat mission is getting other operators to actually appear. It is all good and well infiltrating the mall safely and getting your 20 AI kills, but if you don't actually see any other players then you'll be a bit stuck.

Outside of pure luck and determination, the best course of action seems to be using a clever bit of bait. Obtaining the weapons case from the Juggernaut (or killing the player who has done that first) can serve as the attraction to bring other players straight to the mall.

All you need to do is drop the weapons case, take up a good position, and then hope that someone is naive enough to waltz right into your sights. Make sure to move after every kill if possible, as groups could very easily flush you out once they cotton on to your plan.

So, that wraps up this guide on the MW2 DMZ Mall Rat mission, letting you know the details of the task and then how to complete it too. If you're wondering where to find the Caretaker's Toolbox in MW2 DMZ though, make sure to have a read of this guide.

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