How To Insure Weapons In MW2 DMZ Mode

How To Insure Weapons In MW2 DMZ Mode
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15th Nov 2022 10:07

When you die in DMZ Mode, you lose everything except your Modern Warfare 2 Insured Weapons. Death is extremely punishing in Modern Warfare 2's Escape from Tarkov-like DMZ Mode, so to keep things a bit more casual, the idea of Insured Weapons came about. If you're thinking of wandering into the Exclusion Zone for the first time, you'll want to know how to insure weapons in Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode.

MW2 DMZ Mode: What Are Insured Weapons?

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Modern Warfare 2 Insured Weapons are handpicked Custom Loadout Weapons or Weapon Blueprints that your Operator can bring into the Exclusion Zone without fear of losing them permanently.

The large majority of weapons in DMZ Mode are classified as Contraband Weapons. Contraband Weapons are exclusive to DMZ Mode, and if you lose them, they're gone forever. When you first boot up DMZ Mode, you'll be gifted a small inventory of free Contraband Weapons. All weapons acquired in the Exclusion Zone, whether through pacifist looting or via other players, are considered Contraband.

How To Insure Weapons In MW2 DMZ Mode

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To insure a weapon for use in DMZ Mode, you must submit it into an Insured Weapon Slot. If you fail to extract from the Exclusion Zone with your Insured Weapon, you can get it again, but you'll have to wait a period of time before you can take your Insured Weapon back out into the fray. Acquiring Extracted Cash and other valuables will expedite the Insured Weapon cooldown.

MW2 DMZ Mode: How To Get Insured Weapon Slots

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To start, you'll have access to a single Insured Weapon Slot. However, you can obtain additional MW2 Insured Weapon Slots by levelling up with Factions. You can impress the DMZ's various Factions by completing Faction Missions, Contracts, World Events, and accumulating loot, cash, valuables, and rewards to add to your Stash.

With that, you have everything you need to insure weapons in MW2 DMZ Mode. The Exclusion Zone can be harsh for beginners, so bring an Insured Weapon along to lessen the blow when runs go awry.

DMZ Mode goes live with Modern Warfare 2 Season 01.

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