MW2 DMZ Mode: Everything We Know So Far

MW2 DMZ Mode: Everything We Know So Far
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10th Nov 2022 15:26

It's yet to have been fully confirmed (although NFL stars have already leaked its existence), but Modern Warfare 2 is set to include a brand-new experience to the Call of Duty franchise by introducing a game mode named "DMZ". After being heavily rumoured to be coming to Infinity Ward's upcoming title, the Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode will likely come after the dust has settled from the initial multiplayer launch. But, what actually is the Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode? Well, here's everything we know so far...

What Is The MW2 DMZ Mode?

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DMZ is the new Warzone-adjacent mode coming soon to Modern Warfare 2, and it looks to be hopping onto the rapidly expanding sub-genre of Extraction Shooters, popularized by games like Escape From Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown.

It takes place on a large map similar to one that you would find in Warzone, where there are multiple points of interest with various high-tier loot areas too. You are able to squad up in groups of up to six players, and there will be both PvP, and PvE combat potential when in the raid. 

Before each raid, you'll be able to select from various 'quests', and also build a loadout from items you have earned or extracted with. For some of the guns, they are marked as contraband, and will therefore be lost upon death. Any guns or upgrades you obtain will be kept until you die, so you'll have to be careful about which fights you take and what risks you want to take.

There is loot scattered throughout the map, from cash, to guns, and also things like keys, which you will want to pick up and extract safely with. There are also AI juggernaut-esque bosses that will guard these high value areas, so you will have to get through them first if you want to make each raid worthwhile.

Of course, the main aim of the game in DMZ is extraction, which takes place in several spots dotted across the map. There are typically three extraction zones to start with in every raid, but there is also a radiation zone that expands outwards from a point within the map, that makes getting to each extraction point more and more difficult as time goes on. 

Within the extraction zone, there is a helicopter that you will have to board in order to escape, and this will leave after a certain period of time. Multiple squads can take the same helicopter, but we're not sure that the opposing squad will be happy to have you there with them, so you might need to fight it out.

MW2 DMZ Mode Maps

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According to renowned leaker "TheGhostOfHope", Modern Warfare 2's DMZ mode will have four maps available when it is launched, with each terrain giving players different advantages. 

The leaker suggests that all four of the maps will differ quite considerably and will be designed in accordance with the objectives, with some favouring the MMORPG style of looting, crafting, and preparation, while others might be more conflict-based.

The four DMZ maps are expected to be those used in Ground War, and all feature as part of the wider Al Mazrah Warzone 2 map.

We only got the chance to see the one map during the DMZ streamer preview on November 9, and there was no further information about any subsequent maps arriving with the game when it launches.

MW2 DMZ Mode Storyline

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With the DMZ mode differing from anything we've had in the Call of Duty franchise before, you'd hazard a guess that there will be another underlying storyline, much akin to how Warzone embarked on their own path, as did zombies.


Another leaker, "Ralph", has suggested that the game mode will continue to develop the storylines on Task Force 141, continuing on from the campaign which will feature some iconic names and faces. 

The game mode comes with quite a high level of hype, given that a multiplayer stealth game is something that Call of Duty has never quite managed to capture. It might not be to everyone's taste, but it could well be a hit and unearth a new battle royale experience.

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