Is Building 21 Active or Inactive in MW2 DMZ?

Is Building 21 Active or Inactive in MW2 DMZ?
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11th Jan 2023 16:00

Due to the way that the new 'map' works, many players might be wondering 'is Building 21 inactive in MW2 DMZ'? As opposed to Al-Mazrah - which is always open - the new map in MW2 DMZ is seemingly only available for short periods of time, so taking advantage of it while it is open is a must. But what is the current answer to the question 'is Building 21 inactive in MW2 DMZ?' Check out the guide below for all the details.

Is Building 21 Inactive in MW2 DMZ?

Currently, Building 21 is not inactive in MW2 DMZ meaning that you can jump straight into the map and take full advantage of the high-tier loot potential - assuming you have a keycard that is.

Since the release of Building 21 into MW2 DMZ in mid-December 2022 the map has been periodically deactivated, meaning that even those with a keycard cannot access it. This is presumably to prevent it from becoming an easy farm, but also to increase hype for when it is open.

It was last deactivated on January 3, and reopened once again three days later on January 6. Even though it was only three days, it created a desire within the fanbase to jump back in, making the loot inside even more exciting.

It has currently not been made inactive since it reopened on January 6, but another deactivation could be just around the corner. Make sure to check back on this guide to stay up to date with all the latest information around Building 21 in MW2 DMZ.

How to Get a Building 21 Keycard in MW2 DMZ

It's all fine and well if Building 21 is active right now, but if you don't have a key then you're going to be in trouble. Like most things in MW2 DMZ, all of the best loot is hidden behind a locked door - or in this case a locked map.

MW2 DMZ Building 21 keycards can be found within various loot drops, like boss drops, SAM site drops, and plane supply drops. You are of course not guaranteed to find a keycard here, but it is your best chance of getting into the new map.

Do make sure that your key isn't a keycard for use once inside of Building 21 though, as any of the ones associated with a colour unfortunately won't actually let you into the map. The only one that will grant you access is the appropriately named 'DRC Building 21 Access Keycard'.

That should answer all your questions about Building 21 in MW2 DMZ though, including whether it is inactive and how to get a keycard. If you want to know how to complete Contractual Obligations in MW2 DMZ though, make sure to check out our guide for all of the details.

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