All the Dead Drops locations in MW2 DMZ

All the Dead Drops locations in MW2 DMZ
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2nd Jan 2023 11:51


Are you on the hunt for the MW2 DMZ Dead Drop locations? Dead Drops are a crucial element of MW2 DMZ, as they are a way to safely stash loot before an exfil attempt and using them is tied to a variety of Missions and Contracts. So, if you want to store some valuables while out in the Exclusion Zone, below you will find a list of all the MW2 DMZ Dead Drop locations.

Al Mazrah

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Al Mazrah is home to six MW2 DMZ Dead Drops. These Dead Drops all are represented by white-painted Dumpsters with black lids.

Al Mazrah City

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The Al Mazrah City Dead Drop is a narrow alleyway near the Post Office. Look for this Dead Drop in the F3 coordinates.

Al Sharim Pass

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The Al Sharim Pass Dead Drop sits alongside a yellow-painted building north of the Al Malik Airport. Visit the G6 coordinates to find this Dead Drop.

Al Shamman Cemetery

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North-east of Al Shamman Cemetery, just below a Gas Station, is a cluster of buildings. The Dead Drop Dumpster is beside the small building in the centre of this area. The coordinates of E7 are where you'll discover this particular MW2 DMZ Dead Drop.

Mawizeh Marshlands

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To the west of Mawizeh Marshlands is another MW2 DMZ Dead Drop. The Dead Drop is in the F4 coordinates behind a waterfront Gas Station.

Rohan Oil

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South-west of Rohan Oil is a series of tiny buildings where you can find a Dead Drop Dumpster. The Dead Drop is in the C3 coordinates on the exterior of a building situated alongside the train tracks.

Sa’id City

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The final MW2 DMZ Dead Drop on Al Mazrah sits right below the Al Sa'id Shopping Centre sign on the outer northeast corner of the Shopping Centre in Sa’id City. This Landmark is located within the coordinates of D6.

With that, you now know exactly where to go to find Dead Drop Dumpsters in MW2 DMZ. Don't get greedy - store your plunder in a Dead Drop before you lose it all!

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