MW2 Different Aim Assist Types Explained

MW2 Different Aim Assist Types Explained
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29th Nov 2022 11:05

The in-game explanations for the different aim assist types in MW2 don't offer a whole lot or make it any easier to decide which to select. Any controller player can tell you how important aim assist is in Call of Duty, so it's critical to get the most out of this setting. With that, let's dive into the different aim assist types in Modern Warfare 2 and review what each type brings to the table.

MW2 Aim Assist: Rotational And Slow-Down Aim Assist Explained

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Before we get into the various types of aim assist in MW2, it's vital to understand the two kinds of aim assist: rotational and slow-down aim assist. 

Rotational aim assist is a form of aim assist activated by the left analogue stick. Rotational aim assist kicks in when the user is strafing and is extremely potent while hip-firing in close-quarters combat and tracking moving enemies.

Slow-down aim assist is activated by the right analogue stick and is a form of aim assist that comes into play when you aim near a target while aiming down the sights.

MW2 Different Aim Assist Types Explained

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MW2's Default aim assist is the standard aim assist type enabled by default in Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare titles. 

Default aim assist in MW2 offers an adequate amount of rotational and slow-down aim assist. Default's slow-down aim assist gradually kicks in as you get close to a live target.


Touted as a type of aim assist designed for accurate players, Precision aim assist only activates when your aim is on point. However, when you do get your crosshairs on your prey, this type of aim assist is quite sticky and will keep you locked on your target. Precision does not offer rotational aim assist.


Focusing aim assist is advertised as a type of aim assist for players new to controller aiming. Focusing works nearly identically to Precision, except testing seems to reveal that Focusing is even stickier when on target. Like Precision, rotational aim assist is disabled when using Focusing.

Black Ops

Black Ops aim assist is a replica of the default aim assist in Treyarch's Black Ops titles.

Black Ops offers an aim assist experience much like MW2's Default aim assist. With Black Ops aim assist, users get both rotational and slow-down aim assist. 

MW2 Aim Assist: Which Type Of Aim Assist Is The Best?

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Overall, Default and Black Ops are undoubtedly the superior options when it comes to types of aim assist in MW2. Rotational aim assist is just as, if not more crucial than slow-down aim assist, so the fact that Precision and Focusing do not offer Rotational aim assist at all makes these types a no-go.

Which type you choose is personal preference, but tests performed by members of the community seem to indicate that Black Ops aim assist has the edge ever-so-slightly.

We hope this primer helps you to better understand the different aim assist types in MW2. Use this information to determine which type of aim assist suits you!

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