Warzone 2 release date & all we know

Warzone 2 release date & all we know
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18th Aug 2022 11:20

Warzone 2 is finally here, with the excitement of the Call of Duty battle royale continuing to ramp up after a wave of leaks and confessions from the developers.

While Caldera nearly put the nail in the Warzone coffin, a sequel will likely renew the interest in the title that steered us all through lockdown. So here's everything we knew about Warzone 2 leading up to the game's launch, along with details on when it launched.

When did Warzone 2 release?

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 red mask
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Warzone 2 released on November 16, 2022, following the first iteration of Warzone coming out on March 10 2020, having bided its time following the release of Modern Warfare in 2019 - the core title to what Warzone as we know it runs on.

This aligned with a previous internal leak claiming that Warzone 2 was set to release on November 16th, putting Warzone 2's launch just a few weeks after Modern Warfare 2. 

NOTE: The leaks listed in the below sections are from a time prior to the launch of Warzone 2.

What leaks were there for Warzone 2?

Loadouts returning in Warzone 2 Strongholds

One of the staples of Warzone that set it apart from other battle royales is the use of loadouts. Pre-determined guns and perks allow for creativity and speed on the game, and are one of the more beloved features. However, with the game allegedly taking inspiration from Blackout, where loadouts weren't available, will loadouts be returning in Warzone 2?

According to Henderson, loadouts will be returning, but will be kept in Strongholds, which will likely be a hot-drop in the map. Also, the renowned leaker has detailed that Warzone 2 loadouts will only have five attachments, differing from Vanguard's ten, and you will be able to store extra weapons in a backpack

Warzone 2 DMZ map

While Verdansk is likely to return in Warzone 2 at some point, in an LTM of sorts, the permanent map will not be either Verdansk or Caldera. Instead, a brand-new map is in construction.

DMZ is set to be Modern Warfare 2's third game mode, much akin to Treyarch's Zombies and Special Ops, and previous trials like Infinity Ward's Survival in MW3. Both DMZ and Warzone 2 are expected to share the same map, which will have more objectives, loot points, and even AI to battle.

Warzone 2 features 4 multiplayer maps from Modern Warfare 2 2009

Highrise Warzone 2
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It's only befitting that with Modern Warfare 2 coming, the developers share some love with the old-school MW2 title, and with DMZ and Warzone 2 having the same map, four iconic multiplayer maps will be making their way into the BR.

Highrise, Quarry, Afghan, and Terminal have all been leaked by Henderson to be POIs in Warzone 2, although most of them will come under different names. Quarry is likely to remain as it always has done, while Terminal is set to be re-named as Airport, Afghan as Caves, and Highrise will be just one skyscraper in Modern City - the maps biggest POI, according to the leads.

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