Is Metal Hellsinger On Game Pass?

Is Metal Hellsinger On Game Pass?
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Dave McAdam


12th Sep 2022 19:04

Is Metal Hellsinger on Game Pass? Metal Hellsinger is finally here, but as always with new releases, there is an important question to ask. Is the game on Game Pass, or are we going to have to fork out hard cash for it? Here is everything you need to know about if Metal Hellsinger is on Game Pass.

Metal Hellsinger Game Pass Xbox

Shooting the revolvers at some Marionettes
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We are starting off with some good news, as we can confirm that the game is available on Xbox Game Pass. Fans who wish to play Metal Hellsinger on their Xbox Series S or Series X can do so for no extra cost so long as they have a Game Pass subscription.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for Game Pass subscribers who have not yet upgraded to the new generation of consoles. If you are still playing on the Xbox One family of consoles, Metal Hellsinger will not be available. The game is only available on PC and the current generation of consoles.


Metal Hellsinger Game Pass PC

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As mentioned, Metal Hellsinger is also available on PC. It can be purchased on Steam, where the demo is also available. Thankfully for PC Game Pass subscribers, the game is also available here through the Xbox app.

To access the game, open the Xbox app, find the game icon on the main screen, click it and then press the download button. Before long, you will be slaying hordes of demons to a killer metal soundtrack with a mouse and keyboard, just as the devil intended. Or John Romero, one of the two.

That is everything you need to know about Metal Hellsinger on Game Pass. For more on the game, check out our Metal Hellsinger release date guide.

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