Metal Hellsinger Soundtrack: All Artists And Songs

Metal Hellsinger Soundtrack: All Artists And Songs
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Tarran Stockton


12th Sep 2022 16:11

The Metal: Hellsinger soundtrack is incredibly important due to the game's rhythm shooting design, and since it was first revealed, players have been hyping up the soundtrack due to its inclusion of high profile artists from the metal genre. Metal: Hellsinger will see you tear through the eight hells while trying to keep to the beat of the heavy metal tunes blasting in the background, increasing your score and enhancing the music with vocals. So if you're interested in the lists of collaborators and their songs, check out our breakdown of the Metal: Hellsinger soundtrack. 

Metal Hellsinger Soundtrack: Artists 

Metal Hellsinger Soundtrack: Artists
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There are nine artists who are currently confirmed to be part of Metal: Hellsinger, and with the game releasing soon as of writing this, there are unlikely to be more unannounced collaborators. All of the artists involved are established metal vocalists who have lent their voices to specific tracks for the game, and they all have different styles that will likely differentiate the tracks massively. 

Below we will list the name of the artist, along with the bands or musical projects they are most known for:

  • Björn Strid - Soilwork
  • Tatiana Shmayluk - Jinjer
  • Serj Tankian - System of a Down
  • Matt Heafy - Trivium
  • Mikael Stanne - Dark Tranquility
  • Dennis Lyxzén - Refused and INVSN
  • Randy Blythe - Lamb of God
  • Alissa White-Gluz - Arch Enemy
  • James Dorton - Black Crown Initiate


Metal Hellsinger Soundtrack: Songs

Metal Hellsinger Soundtrack: Songs
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There are a total of 15 songs in the Metal: Hellsinger soundtrack, though most of the artists listed above just appear on a single track. All of the songs are also composed by Two Feathers, and ten of them are featured as key parts of individual levels, while the rest are menu or boss themes. 

Here is the list of the songs along with their featured artists:

  • The Hellsinger - Two Feathers
  • Through You - Two Feathers ft. Mikael Stanne
  • This is the End - Two Feathers ft. Mikael Stanne
  • Blood and Law - Two Feathers ft. Mikael Stanne
  • Stygia - Two Feathers ft. Alissa White-Gluz
  • Internal Invocation I: Hopes and Fears - Two Feathers ft. Mikael Stanne
  • Burial at Night - Two Feathers ft. Tatiana Shmayluk
  • Internal Invocation II: Defiance - Two Feathers ft. Mikael Stanne
  • This Devastation - Two Feathers ft. Matt Heafy
  • Internal Invocation III: Dreaming in Distortion - Two Feathers ft. Mikael Stanne
  • Poetry of Cinder - Two Feathers ft. James Forton
  • Dissolution - Two Feathers ft. Björn Strid
  • Acheron - Two Feathers ft. Randy Blythe
  • Silent No More - Two Feathers ft. Dennis Lyxzén
  • No Tomorrow - Two Feathers ft. Serj Tankian

That's all for our breakdown of all the artists and songs that comprise the Metal: Hellsinger soundtrack. 

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