Metal Hellsinger Release Date, Release Time, Platforms

Metal Hellsinger Release Date, Release Time, Platforms
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12th Sep 2022 16:12

Metal Hellsinger release date and time are fast approaching, and we have all the details you need. Metal Hellsinger brings the primal fun of ripping and tearing through demons with the satisfaction of timing your actions to the beat of the music. The release date is soon, and the game is coming to multiple platforms. Here is everything you need to know about the Metal Hellsinger release date, release time, and available platforms.

Metal Hellsinger Release Date: When Can You Play It?

Shooting Marionette demons near some pillars
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Fans do not have long to wait to get their hands on the game. Metal Hellsinger releases on Thursday, the 15th of September. There is no early access period and there does not appear to be any way to buy your way in early, so we will all need to wait until the 15th to play the full game.

If you cannot wait until then, the demo is still available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. While it is only a taste of the full game, the demo is a great way to get some practice in before the full game launches and the real demon-slaying challenge begins.

Metal Hellsinger Release Times

Firing down on demons from above
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While some may be content to wait until later, some of us are going to want to be there the minute the game becomes available. If you have the release day booked off in preparation for this game, here is what you need to know to get started as soon as possible.

While many games will stagger the time at which their games become available, there has been no mention of such a release schedule for Metal Hellsinger. This late in the day, it seems unlikely that there are going to be any changes to how the game will release. As such, it seems safe to say that the game will launch at midnight on Wednesday night, in all available territories, on the minute that the 15th begins.


Metal Hellsinger Platforms: Is It On Xbox One And PS4?

Heading up some stairs to fight the final boss of the level
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With its close ties to games like DOOM and more closely to modern retro shooters, there is a distinct PC feel to Metal Hellsinger. While there will always be those who protest that first-person shooters are strictly PC games, that is thankfully not the case here.

When it launches, Metal Hellsinger will be available on PC through Steam, on PlayStation 5, and on Xbox Series X and Series S. Unfortunately, it seems the older generation of consoles are not capable of handling such brutality.

That is it for the Metal Hellsinger release date, release time, and available platforms. For more on the game, check out the Metal Hellsinger soundtrack.

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