LoL MSI 2022 - Format, Teams, And How To Watch

LoL MSI 2022 - Format, Teams, And How To Watch
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André González Rodríguez


29th Apr 2022 17:17

The first half of the pro-League of Legends season has culminated, this means that now League esports can look forward to the game’s first international event of the year, the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). 

The event will welcome all of the best teams in the world. With an exception to the winner of the LCL as the CIS region’s Spring Split was cancelled. This means that a total of 11 teams will be duking it out to crown themselves the best in the world in Busan, South Korea.

Regions like North America, Korea, China, Europe, Latin America, and the Oceanic league are set to compete, as well as teams from Vietnam, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, and the Pacific region.


This 2022 MSI will follow the same format as the previous year’s. It’ll once again forgo a play-in stage and instead, put every team on even ground in a group stage. There will be three stages: Stage 1 (Groups), Stage 2 (Rumble), and Stage 3 (Knockout).

Group Stage

Teams are drawn into two groups of four and one group of three and play a best-of-one double round-robin within their respective groups. The group of three will play a quadruple round-robin. At the end of the round-robins the top two teams from each group advance to the second stage, the Rumble Stage.

Rumble Stage

Once in the Rumble stage, the six remaining teams will play in a best-of-one double round-robin, with the top four teams qualifying into the Knockout Stage.

Knockout Stage

Finally, in the Knockout Stage, the four remaining teams will play in the semifinals of the tournament. They will play in a pair of best-of-five matches, winners of these matches meet in the finals. Winner of the best-of-five crown themselves the champion and the best team in the world.

Teams - Groups

Group A

  • DetonatioN FocusMe (LJL)
  • Saigon Buffalo (VCS)
  • T1 (LCK)
  • Team Aze (LLA)

Group B

  • Istanbul Wildcats (TCL)
  • PSG Talon (PCS)
  • Red Canids (CBLOL)
  • Royal Never Give Up (LPL)

Group C

  • Evil Geniuses (LCS)
  • G2 Esports (LEC)

How To Watch

League of Legends fans across the world will be able to watch MSI via the official website, as well as the official Twitch and YouTube channels. 

The official schedule for MSI 2022 has yet to be confirmed, however, these are the expected dates for each stage:

  • Group Stage: May 10 to May 15
  • Rumble Stage: May 18 to May 22
  • Knockout Stage: May 27 to May 29


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