All League of Legends Level Borders & how to equip them

All League of Legends Level Borders & how to equip them
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Dave McAdam & Amy Eastland


5th Oct 2023 09:53

League of Legends offers level borders, which can customise your League profile to show off how many hours you've put into the game and how experienced you may be.

There are also a lot of customisations you can add, including new profile icons, and skins that you can purchase or get through Amazon Prime Gaming rewards.

Keep reading to find out about all of the League of Legends Level Borders and how you can equip them.

Full level border list for League of Legends 

League of Legends Level Borders: a group of Champions
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There are many level borders to unlock in League of Legends, all of which will show off your commitment to the game to your teammates and opponents.

Unlocking level borders in League of Legends is a simple affair, but you'll need to do a fair amount of grinding to unlock them all. New level borders unlock when you reach certain level milestones, like level 50 or 100, with the best level cap reward arriving at level 500. I know I certainly won't be unlocking that one for a good while!

This is the full list of level borders, along with the Summoner level you must reach to unlock them:

Level Border
Level 1 Piltover
Level 30 Zaun
Level 50 Hextech
Level 75 Fire
Level 100 Archlight
Level 125 Infused
Level 150 Shadow Isles
Level 175 Shurima
Level 225 Warring Kingdoms
Level 250 Freljord
Level 275 Battlecast
Level 300 Ionia
Level 325 Bilgewater
Level 350 Runic
Level 375 Noxus
Level 400 Celestial
Level 450 The Void
Level 475 Blood Moon
Level 500 Eternus

As you can see, it is a steep grind to get to Summoner level 500 - very few will ever do it. As such, the level borders are signifiers of the players who have put in serious hours. Those who have the later level borders are certainly among the most dedicated League of Legends players in the world.

How to equip new League of Legends Level Borders

League of Legends Level Borders: the level border menu
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To change your level border in League of Legends, just follow these simple steps and you will be able to get a new border in no time:

  • Click on the avatar in the top right
  • Change your avatar from the Customize Identity menu
  • Look for the option to change your border
  • Select the border you want to use and click 'Equip'

Now, you should have a shiny new border to show off to all of your mates - it's as easy as that! Now you know everything about how to unlock new level borders and how to equip them on your profile.

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