From best to worst characters, here is GGRecon's definitive Apex Legends tier list.

13:35, 06 Nov 2020

Apex Legends has 15 playable characters to date, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, which contribute directly to their chance of victory and becoming the Apex Champions.

Apex Legends characters belong to four distinct categories; Offensive, Defensive, Recon, and Support, so it makes sense that teams should include a variety of these options to succeed, or one Legend belonging to two if you’re queued up for duos.

GGRecon's definitive tier list ranks the best Apex Legends characters, down to the worst...

Apex Legends Tier List


The meta is shaken, not stirred, in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension. Previous Legends who topped our charts are now downgraded, making way for new blood. These legends possess the abilities needed to get the victory, from defence, to firepower, to invaluable information; their usability is astounding.

Let’s go over what makes these Legends the best characters in our Apex Legends tier list.


Bloodhound is on the up, and was promoted from B Tier in our Apex Legends Season 6 tier list. Buffed to the eyeballs, Bloodhound now sits proudly in S Tier in Season 7, thanks to their (now) true tracking and information-gathering ability. Respawn Entertainment described Bloodhound’s performance in Season 5 as “[leaving] a lot to be desired” – and we agree. Now upgraded to a “god-like tracker”, Bloodhound is really leading the pack. The previous scan range buff to Eye of the Allfather (Tactical Ability) really helped, but now paired with the Ult Beast of the Hunt – Bloodhound becomes impossible to escape. Scanning enemies during the Ult becomes a mere 6 seconds cooldown.


There are still some downsides to Bloodhound, however. The large hitbox they possess, yet doesn’t get the Fortified buff, makes them an open target on the battlefield.

And the aforementioned scan range is so large that you know if a Bloodhound is around a mile away, making the element of surprise, erm, not surprising. 


Still, Bloodhound deserves this promotion. Now get out there and start slaying – for Artur.


Gibraltar retains his spot in S Tier in the Apex Legends Season 7 tier list. Gibby’s main strength is his Fortified status. Taking 15% less damage thanks to his rather large stature, he can charge into gunfights with relative ease. Pair that with his 75HP gun shield, which covers his whole torso, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

His dome shield sig protects his team, while also providing faster revives & healing. He’s an all-rounder as well as a tank.


In a previous Apex update, his Ultimate ability was buffed (3-minute cooldown from 4.5 minutes), allowing his firepower to come to the fore once again. Gibby has always been a mainstay in Apex Legends and cements his position in Tier S in our Apex Legends tier list.

The main reason for his inclusion is simply how nutty he now is thanks to the Trident vehicle. Placing the Dome Shield on top of the Trident transforms it into an invulnerable rotating machine.


Mirage was bumped up massively in this tier list - from Tier C to A, and now S, then A again, and back to S – phew! It's quite a move, but it isn't unwarranted. Where his decoys were unstrategic mannequins, they are now controlled by Mirage, mimicking his every move, and fooling the enemies into believing that's the real Holographic Trickster himself for a whole 60 seconds. His ultimate is a bunch of Mirage Mimics, again, giving your team the real ability to confuse opponents, and allowing your Mirage to make an escape. The most effective update to Mirage's abilities was his passive - "now you see me".

Mirage is almost above Lifeline power levels when it comes to reviving teammates, as he not only cloaks when using a respawn beacon, but also when reviving, and that's not all - the teammate being revived is also invisible! In previous seasons, GGRecon suggested Mirage needed a big buff, and we definitely got one, but Bloodhound and Gibraltar are fierce competition.

In the latest Season 7 update, Mirage’s decoys now have 45 health – adding another element to their trickery.


Dr Mary Somers brings new abilities to the table – and hurls them into a black hole. The Season 7 Legend takes on the mantle of “Gravitational Manipulator” with style, and everything from her passive to her Ultimate ability is fine-tuned to her character concept.


We all saw the heart-wrenching Stories From The Outlands video where we were introduced to Horizon’s traumatic backstory, and now we have the chance to take out that frustration on our enemies, using everything from her Tactical ‘Gravity Lift’ to boost enemies out of the way, to her Ultimate ‘Black Hole’, which deploys her special pal N.E.W.T and instructs him to create a mini black hole.

The fact that Horizon can bounce around the map and never feel the effects of fall-stuns thanks to her ‘Space Walk’ passive is invaluable.

Horizon is the best of the bunch, with capabilities from Offensive and damaging, to Defensive and warding. Both rotation moves and attacks will benefit from a Horizon on the squad.

Apex Legends Season 7 Tier List


Oof, there are some Legends in A Tier who, in Season 6, topped our Apex Legends tier list. How the mighty have fallen. They aren't quite the best Apex Legends characters, but they aren't far off.


Caustic is one big bad boy, with toxic abilities. This mad scientist makes the A tier for a few reasons. While his gas canisters can be annoying to pass by, they are easily spotted and taken care of with one bullet, and if you have a Wraith on your team, you'll also be privy to an advanced warning of the gas' presence. Caustic does have the Fortified buff (just like Gibby) but without a gun shield, meaning he's still a huge target for SMG spray-downs. Caustic's ultimate gas cloud is rather painful, dealing ever-increasing damage from 6 to 12 ticks. The gas clouds and canisters also slow enemies, and since a recent buff that meant his teammates were no longer susceptible to the slowing elements of his attacks, he has been promoted to A Tier. 


The Jamaican healer fills a vital role on any squad, from her D.O.C healing drone to her care packages, and since her Lost Treasures buff, her OP dual-reviving mechanic. Those with the know-how can use Lifeline to their advantage, making use of her protective resurrection shield for fast combat rezzing, and leaving her heal drone to revive enemies in her place while she gets back into the fight. In recent Apex Legends news, Lifeline now has even more looting opportunities, with 20% of all supply bins being blue, meaning Lifeline can grab extra loot. 


Wraith is one of the most popular characters for pro players – for good reason. She is perfect for pushing, retreating & rotating, making her a natural choice for A Tier, but not quite S Tier. Her tactical movement abilities are massively influential on matches, helping her escape tough engagements or third-partying, or to push teams at the drop of a hat (or the charge of an ultimate). In tournaments, you will always see a Wraith in every team, and it's easy to see why. Her portals and void-walking are invaluable on any trio, as well as her low-profile stature. She's the closest character type to a ninja that we've seen in Apex Legends. However, her increased Ult (portal) cooldown from 2.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes is a big L.


Even after her recent nerfs, she is still the top-picked player at a whopping 26% pick rate.


Bangalore is a starter character, a soldier with a solid base of abilities for anyone new to Apex to enjoy. Perhaps they've migrated over from COD and want a taste of that same military action. Her double-time passive is helpful to dart quickly away from a nasty gunfight, and her smoke grenades are pretty good for cover Her airstrike, although the name alone should strike fear into your heart, isn't that powerful. 'Rolling Thunder' as it's called, is not nearly as damaging as Gibraltar's Bombardment, which rains down on opponents like hellfire, and takes some time to activate after the rockets drop into the terrain. Other Apex Legends with more tactical & superpower-esque abilities pip her to the post on making a higher tier.


His grapple is polished, and so is his gameplay. Or at least, it was. Pathfinder (affectionately known as Path) is the wholesome robot Legend just looking for his creator. His movement abilities were by far the most powerful of all the Apex Legends characters, again, allowing for ease of rotation across the map, and during engagements. In Apex Ranked, Path's beacon passive still comes in handy for positioning in the final circles. His tactical grapple was nerfed in Season 5 (taking the cooldown from 15 seconds to massive 35 seconds) and severely affected his pick rate, dropping from 22% to 10.56%.


In Season 6, Pathfinder was finally been given some mercy, although not enough. When using a Survey Beacon to find the next ring location, the Ultimate Zipline cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds. Useful, but Path just doesn't have what it takes anymore. 

Season 7 Pathfinder benefited from Season 6 buffs that changed his Grapple cooldown based on distance travelled, and now, Pathfinder doesn’t need to have hit the ground for the Grappling Hook to be considered finished, and max cooldown lowered to 30 seconds.

Apex Legends Tier List


This bunch may seem like they do a lotta damage, but even Flex Tape can't hold them together in certain situations. No Apex Legends tier list would be complete without these four.


Crypto didn't receive a warm welcome when he joined Apex Legends, but all that has changed, and he has finally had a promotion from C Tier! Now genuinely taking on his role of a Recon character, and with less vulnerability when using his Drone, Crypto can use Survey Beacons (as can Pathfinder and Bloodhound). Crypto's Drone can now activate Respawn and Survey Beacons, not just pick up Banners. The Drone has also received an HP boost, double the health points, in fact (60 HP). So why isn't he in a higher tier, I hear you ask? Well, his EMP Ultimate now slows teammates caught in the blast (although still doesn't crack friendly shields) – and that's not great. Maybe next season, Crypto.


Even with recent updates to Revenant's abilities, he still can't stack up to the S & A tier Legends. Even given his buff where his Silence ability usage was doubled, most opponents still find a way to continue the fights, even without phasing or grappling, so it doesn't really pose much of a threat. Revenant's Death Totem Ultimate ability provides his teammates with a second chance at life, and in a recent update, now adds more health and shields on resurrecting when returning to the totem after being 'downed'. The totem itself must be placed in the perfect position for returning teammates, where another team can't lay in wait for their arrival. You're still left without full health, meaning enemies thirsty for kills can camp you out, and in Season 6, teammates recalled by the Death Totem (and Revenant himself) can't even use Wraith's Dimensional Rift! Rude.


Wattson is one of the members you used to always see included in any Apex Ranked or Apex Legends competitive team, and for good reason. Her electric fence ability holds positions to perfection, while her ultimate Interception Pylon destroys grenades and airstrikes (and now Caustic barrels in flight) that go anywhere near her teammates, while also charging their shields. In this way, she's not only a Defensive character but also Support (although she isn't canonically in this category). Finding out where teams are pushing from by securing the area behind you, or any nearby entry/exit points is invaluable. Camping or hiding and using your perimeter fences to defend an area is beneficial, but Wattson herself isn't the best Apex character.


Season 7 brought about much-needed changes for Wattson, but they still aren’t enough. Her Perimeter Security fence damage was increased from 10 to 15.


Rampart was a breath of fresh air in an admittedly stale Legend meta, bringing defence, offence, and a ton of other useful perks for those who love to run ‘n’ gun, but also camp, and play strategically, but now she’s fallen in the ranks slightly as the novelty wears off.

Her Tactical Ability, Amped Cover, provides so many different gameplay tactics, even in the heat of battle. Getting those Amped sniper shots can be the difference between victory and defeat. Using the cover to block doorways, flanks, or even build a base is valuable.

The new weapon meta favours LMGs (the Devotion in particular), so Rampart’s passive of extra bullets and faster reload times really helps out here.

Season 7 brought about changes to Rampart’s Sheila turret, now only taking 1.25 seconds to fully spin up, down from 2 seconds. Her Amped Walls now only take 3 seconds to fully build, allowing you to lock those doors fast.

Apex Legends Season 7 Tier List


These two Apex Legends Characters are in the bottom C tier for a reason. Octanes bring nothing to a team apart from selfishness & a penchant for high-tier items (you try keeping hold of that Gold Shield you dibsed when an Octane is around…), and Loba is just not useful enough.


Jumpy-runny man is part of C Tier for a reason, and he's staying put in the Apex Legends Season 7 Tier List. He's fast and furious, sorry, he makes his teammates furious with his speedy stealing. He's incredibly fun to play, but as for his abilities; are they worthwhile? The self-healing is massively helpful, and the stim can be used effectively in scenarios where you decide to push at the last second or retreat defensively. The jump-pad is a movement ability the whole team can enjoy but isn't as effective as a Zipline or Portal. The bottom line is; Octane is not helpful. Now Octane’s healing rate is doubled, there’s no stopping his Gold Helmet thievery.


The golden girl has fallen. The Translocating Thief's teleportation ability, as well as loot-spotting (and stealing), made her a necessity on any team who wants to get kitted-out to the max before entering the fight, but now just serves to let all nearby opponents know precisely where you are because of the intense volume at which her Tactical and Ult perform at. While her passive (Eye for Quality) allows Loba to spot purple and gold items through walls (still cool), her Ultimate Black Market Boutique is quickly losing favour with Apex Legends players, even after the buff that meant ammo no longer counts towards the Black Market’s maximum two items.


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