How to get Mothim in Pokemon GO

How to get Mothim in Pokemon GO
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9th Mar 2023 10:17

Mothim, the Moth Pokemon introduced to the franchise during Generation 6, has been available in Pokemon GO for quite some time. However, not all are sure how to get the Burmy evolution in Pokemon GO. So, here is how to get Mothim in Pokemon GO.

How to get Mothim in Pokemon GO

how to get mothim pokemon go burmy evolution
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The way to get Mothim in Pokemon GO is by evolving Burmy, the Bagworm Pokemon that can come in one of three cloaked forms. You simply need 50 Burmy Candies to pull off the evolution, but your chosen Burmy needs to be male. Otherwise, a female Burmy will evolve into Wormadam. 

How to get Burmy Candies

The way to get Burmy Candies in order to get Mothim in Pokemon GO is by simply catching as many Burmys as possible until you have the required 50 x Burmy Candies. However, this means you'll, of course, need to find Burmy encounters on your map.

Thankfully, you'll be able to find plenty of Burmy right now during the Pokemon GO Festival of Colors event, which is currently running until Tuesday, 14 March 2023 at 8PM local time. Not only are Burmy appearing more frequently in the wild during this time, but you can also be rewarded with a potential Burmy encounter when completing Field Research tasks. 

To get Mothim in Pokemon GO as quickly as possible, be also sure to use a Pinap Berry whenever you try to catch a Burmy - so your rewarded Burmy Candies double with each one caught. 

That's all you need to know on how to get Mothim in Pokemon GO. For more of what's new in the game, check out when and where to get the legendary Regidrago in limited-time Elite Raids. What's more, have a look at our guide answering "is Regidrago Shiny in Pokemon GO?". 

For even more Pokemon GO guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.

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