Male Burmy: How to find the male symbol in Pokemon GO

Male Burmy: How to find the male symbol in Pokemon GO
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9th Mar 2023 12:30

Burmy has been a part of Pokemon GO for quite a while now, but it's become a big search topic for players with the Festival of Colors event - having them realise they need to evolve a male Burmy to get Mothim. So, here is everything on how to spot the male symbol in order to make sure you have a male Burmy in Pokemon GO.

Male Burmy: How to find the male symbol in Pokemon GO

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In order to identify a male Burmy, the male symbol in Pokemon GO is actually quite easy to spot when you know where to look.

To tell the gender of your Pokemon in Pokemon GO, the male symbol or the female symbol can be found to the right of its name and HP bar on its summary page, as pictured above. In Burmy's case, the male symbol can be initially difficult to spot since it's of small size and of a plain colour - so you may not notice it if you weren't searching for it.

So, if it turns out you do have a male Burmy by identifying the male symbol on its summary page, you'll just need 50 x Burmy Candies necessary to evolve one into a Mothim.

That's all you need to know on how to identify a male Burmy by finding the male symbol in Pokemon GO. For more of what's new in the game, find out how to get Ditto by hunting for its new list of disguises after a March 2023 update. Furthermore, find out the Regidrago Elite Raid dates, times, counters, and rewards. 

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