Fortnite: How To Slide Kick Runaway Boulders

Fortnite: How To Slide Kick Runaway Boulders
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23rd Sep 2022 15:20

Every season of Fortnite tasks you to do strange quests - especially if you’re trying to gain as much experience as possible to blast through the battle pass. Season 3 Chapter 4 of Fortnite has kicked off to a promising start, with a wide range of daily and season-long objectives to complete.

However, one of the most recent has been a bit vague in how you need to complete it, considering it’s not a usual gameplay mechanic used. Within the week one quests for the latest season of Fortnite, players are being tasked to slide kick a runaway boulder in order to dislodge it. Of course, this isn’t a usual practice within the game, but fear not, we have everything you need to know here.

How To Slide Kick In Fortnite And Dislodge a Runaway Boulder

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Sliding has been a feature in Fortnite for a fair while now and more often than not is used to retreat from some fairly dicey situations. It’s a great tool to escape gunfire or even pursue an enemy by gaining a little boost. One thing it’s not been used for is dislodging runaway boulders across the map - a hazard that was introduced in the last season.

Thankfully, the quest is extremely simple to complete, so long as you’re not under enemy fire. Boulders are littered across the map, meaning you should have no time struggling to find one. However, if you are a bit lost, they’re most often found atop of cliffs, especially around populated areas such as Titled Towers.


Now, for the dislodging process with a slide kick, you’re going to want to damage the runaway boulder a few times first. Bringing it down to around 30 HP should suffice. At this point, simply step back and begin running towards the boulder. Once you have enough speed, click in the right stick on your controller (or the left ctrl button on PC), and you will begin a slide. 

Make sure you make contact with the boulder to damage it. You may need to repeat the process a second and maybe even a third time, but after a few slides, the runaway boulder should dislodge and the quest will be completed.

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