Is The Pump Shotgun Back In Fortnite

Is The Pump Shotgun Back In Fortnite
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Daniel Hollis


16th Jan 2023 13:04

As you are most likely aware, Fortnite is constantly switching things up. Even outside of the huge seasonal updates and introductions of new chapters, it’s hard to go more than a couple of weeks without Epic Games adding some new content or removing something from the map that players were just getting familiar with.

That level of freshness is exciting, for the most part, but also leaves players wondering if items that have been vaulted will be returning anytime soon. One of the many weapons players are hoping to see make a reappearance is the Pump Shotgun - a deadly weapon that packs a powerful punch. If you’re wondering whether the Pump Shotgun is set to return to Fortnite, we have that answer for you.

Are Pump Shotguns Back In Fortnite?

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With the recent introduction of Chapter 4 Season 1 in Fortnite, many had hoped Epic Games would do the right thing and return the Pump Shotgun to players. With the current selection being weapons such as the Heavy Shotgun and Maven’s Auto Shotgun, it feels as though Fortnite is lacking in that department currently.

Unfortunately, Epic Games did not listen to fans’ pleas and chose not to return the Pump Shotgun to Fortnite. As it stands, it’s still vaulted. But of course, this is Fortnite, and nothing is ever predictable.

With the current season having run for a fair few weeks now since its launch in January, a mid-season update is expected to arrive imminently. These usually change things up quite a bit and mess around with the current weapon selection to mess with the player’s rhythms. Additionally, we usually see a few changes to the map and the occasional new mechanic.

It’s entirely possible the next big update could see the reintroduction of the Pump Shotgun in Fortnite, but unfortunately, this is pure speculation. There are currently no confirmed plans for its arrival in Fortnite, so it may be time to start practicing with the current selection of shotguns available.

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