Best Places To Fish In Fortnite

Best Places To Fish In Fortnite
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10th Jan 2023 15:16

If you're playing Fortnite Chapter 4, then you might be looking for some of the best places to fish. Fortnite Chapter 4 comes with a whole assortment of fish for players to try and catch, some of them providing gameplay benefits like extra shields and health. Some weekly challenges even require you to catch a certain number of fish, so it's certainly worth knowing where some of the best places to fish are in Fortnite Chapter 4. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know.

Best Places To Fish In Fortnite

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Fish can be found all over the new Fortnite map in pretty much any body of water that you can see. Whether it be a river running through the middle of the map or the vast ocean that surrounds the island, anywhere that holds a substantial amount of water will likely have a fish lurking within it. If you're struggling, keep an eye out for the surface bubbles that are a telltale sign of fish living there.

However, you need a Fishing Rod to start fishing in Fortnite, and they aren't located just anywhere. While you'll usually find one lying around near water, it's not guaranteed. Thankfully, there's one spot that's extremely reliable and somewhere that we deem to be the best place to fish in Fortnite.

If you head to the South East of Fault Splits, you'll see a small ring of water that surrounds a broken tower. Leading towards the tower is a bridge, and it's here that you can usually always find a fishing rod lying around.

To fish reliably, head here at the start of the game to pick up the fishing rod before anyone else does. After that, head to your chosen spot along the water's edge and cast your line to find a fish. With a bit of luck, it shouldn't be too long before you can catch a nibble.

That's all you need to know about the best places to fish in Fortnite Chapter 4. For more Fortnite guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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