Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest: Complete Challenges And Earn Free Rewards

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest: Complete Challenges And Earn Free Rewards
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Coleman Hamstead


29th Sep 2022 17:04

To welcome in Chapter 3 Season 4, Discord and Epic Games have partnered up to introduce the Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest. The Paradise Discord Quest is a limited-time Fortnite event in which players complete tasks to earn exclusive rewards. With that, let's dive into the basics of the Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest.

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest: Dates And Times

The Paradise Discord Quest is live now and runs until October 2, 2022, at 10:59pm BST.

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest: How To Sign Up

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Follow the steps below to get started with the Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest and begin your journey to unlocking all the free, limited-time in-game rewards:

  • Join an official Fortnite Discord server
  • Navigate to the "#paradise-quest" Channel in the "Fortnite Paradise" Category
  • Click on the "Start" button under the announcement message, and the bot will send you a Direct Message instructing you to link your Discord account and your Epic Games account
  • Link your accounts to receive your first Fortnite Paradise Discord Challenge!


You can take on the Paradise Discord tasks in any Fortnite Battle Royale or Zero Build playlists (Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads). 

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest: Participating Discord Servers

The following Discord servers have a Fortnite Paradise Discord bot built-in, making it easy to sign up and begin the Paradise Discord Quest:

Alternatively, you can add the Paradise Discord to your personal Discord server.

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quests

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There are six Fortnite Paradise Discord Quests, or tasks, in total. Below is a list of all the Paradise Discord tasks and the order they're assigned:

  1. Assist teammates with ten eliminations
  2. Catch 15 fish
  3. Survive 5th Strom Circle three times
  4. Make 3,000 damage to opponents
  5. Heal yourself: 300 Health Points
  6. Place Top Ten in Solo three times

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest Rewards

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There are three exclusive cosmetic rewards to earn by completing the Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest. Check out the list of in-game items below and how many tasks you must complete to unlock each one:

  • After completing one task: Chrome-ified Reality Tree Banner Icon
  • After completing three tasks: Banana Flip Loading Screen
  • After completing six tasks: Chrome Flow Wrap

And with that, you have everything you need to take on the Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest. Sign up in a participating Discord server to receive your tasks and begin working toward the free in-game rewards.

Fortnitemares will arrive in battle royale soon enough. If you just can't wait for some zombie action, check out Fortnite Save the World: Fortnitemares Venture season 2022.

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