Fortnite Helicopter Locations: Where To Find Helicopters In Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite Helicopter Locations: Where To Find Helicopters In Chapter 3 Season 2
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24th May 2022 10:33

The Fortnite Helicopter locations are important if you are looking to take to the skies and deal death from above. One of Fortnite's original flying vehicles, the Helicopter, aka the Choppa, is back in Chapter 3 Season 2. So if you want to know the answer to the question - where are the helicopters in Fortnite? - we've got you covered with all Fortnite Chopper locations. 

All Fortnite Helicopter Locations

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There are six Fortnite Chopper locations, which are typically at Seven Outpost Landmarks. In total, there are six Seven Outposts scattered around the outskirts of the Island.

  • Seven Outpost I is situated south-west of Greasy Grove
  • Seven Outpost II sits up in the mountains north-west of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Seven Outpost III lies north-east of The Daily Bugle and directly east of The Temple
  • Seven Outpost IV is in the Desert Biome south of Condo Canyon and west of Chonker's Speedway
  • Seven Outpost V is positioned west of Command Cavern and north-west of Camp Cuddle
  • Seven Outpost VII is located on the crescent-shaped island in the gulf east of Sanctuary and north-east of The Joneses

Keep in mind that there is only one Fortnite Helicopter at each of these locations. You'll likely need to land directly at one of these Seven Outposts if you want to grab a Helicopter before enemy players take it.

Fortnite Helicopter Stats

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Helicopters feature five seats: one pilot seat and four spots for passengers.

The Fortnite Chopper serves primarily as a transport vehicle — not an assault vehicle like Fortnite Tanks or the Fortnite Battle Bus. Helicopters don't sport any missile launchers or mounted machine guns; passengers must use their equipped weapons to deal out damage.

Helicopters are pretty hearty, with a hitpoint pool of 1,500. Targeting the rotor and the tail rotor will deal 2.25x damage to the Chopper. Also, the front glass of the Helicopter can break, leaving the pilot exposed and dealing extra damage. Heavy Snipers and the Fortnite Anvil Rocket Launcher are perfect anti-aircraft tools.


As a Helicopter takes damage, the pilot will slowly lose control until it ultimately comes soaring down to the ground and explodes. A Helicopter explosion deals 70 damage to players and 450 to buildings.

It's important to remember that exiting a Chopper will not grant the ability to Glider Redeploy. If there isn't a safe place to land under you — like a body of water — you'll face elimination upon impact.

There aren't many Helicopters on the Island, but if you can get your hands on one, you'll rule over the skies. That's all for our breakdown of the Fortnite Helicopter locations, and now you know where you can find each one.

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