Fortnite Tanks: Where To Find Tanks In Fortnite

Fortnite Tanks: Where To Find Tanks In Fortnite
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30th Mar 2022 13:38

Fortnite tanks are a new type of vehicle introduced in Chapter 3 Season 2. These daunting behemoths can decimate crowds of opposing Fortnite players and topple any structures in their paths. Let's go over all things Fortnite tanks — where to find them, how to use them, and how to destroy them when necessary.

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Fortnite Tanks: Where To Find

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Fortnite tanks spawn at points of interest (POIs) controlled by the Imagined Order (IO). Right now, you'll find tanks at the following POIs:

  • Command Cavern 
  • The Fortress
  • The Daily Bugle
  • Fortnite Tilted Towers
  • Coney Crossroads
  • Rocky Reels
  • Condo Canyon

You can potentially find two tanks at Command Cavern, while the rest of the locations will only have one tank in their confines.

If you don't hunt down a tank at the very beginning of the match, it will likely get commandeered by IO Guards or enemy players. In that case, you'll need to defeat the enemies and hijack the tank if you hope to claim it for yourself.

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Fortnite Tanks: How To Use

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The Titan Tank seats four players — a driver, a machine gunner, and two passengers. The driver can use the movement keys/sticks to direct the tank in any direction. Offensively, the driver can press the primary fire button to launch powerful shells out of the main cannon. Additionally, the driver can press the aim button to gain access to thermal vision.

The player in the machine gunner seat controls the fearsome machine gun atop the centre of the tank. Don't fire it continuously for too long though, as the machine gun can overheat.

The Fortnite tank sports a whopping 2,500 health which can be regenerated via a Repair Torch. When the tank reaches zero health, it will explode, dealing 50 damage to any players in the vicinity.

Like other Fortnite vehicles, the Titan Tank runs on fuel. However, the tank uses exponentially more fuel than a car and takes longer to refuel. With this in mind, you need to be frugal with your fuel usage.

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Fortnite Tanks: How To Destroy

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As you may expect, tanks are exceptionally difficult to destroy. With a health pool of 2,500, you'll need to pull out all the stops if you hope to take one down. Here are a few tried and true tips and strategies:

  • To disable a tank, aim for the treads. Once the treads have taken enough damage, the tank will no longer be able to move. This leaves the tank extremely vulnerable.

  • If you want to simply destroy the tank altogether, equip an automatic weapon like an assault rifle or submachine gun. Unload into the body of the tank continuously to wear it down. With concentrated fire, the tank will go down in short order. Alternatively, fire an Anvil Rocket Launcher or attach some Remote Explosives to the Fortnite tank to blow it sky-high.
  • If you want to save an occupied tank for personal use, you can try and take out the driver. At the front centre of the tank is a hatch. Shoot some bullets at the hatch to knock it off and reveal the driver. With the driver exposed, you can target them with gunfire and eliminate them, rendering the tank useless and leaving it open for a hijacking.

That concludes our guide on Fortnite tanks. Secure a tank at one of the IO-controlled POIs and use it to lay waste to the opposition.

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