Where to find and purchase an item from Gwen in Fortnite Chapter 4

Where to find and purchase an item from Gwen in Fortnite Chapter 4
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24th May 2023 17:10

A new set of Fortnite weekly quests has gone live, and one of them requires you to purchase an item from Gwen. In case you weren’t aware, Spider-Gwen has returned to Fortnite Battle Royale as a part of the most recent Spider-Verse collaboration.

However, like other NPCs, Gwen has a fixed spawn location on the island. Therefore, you may have a hard time finding her if you’re finding this NPC manually. With that said, we’ve put together this Fortnite guide to help you find and purchase an item from Gwen easily.

What is Gwen’s location in Fortnite?

Gwen's location in Fortnite
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Gwen can be found at the Slappy Shores point of interest, which is located on the eastern coast of the island, near the middle line of the map. She is usually located on top of the southeastern factory, so you will need to climb up onto the roof to speak with her. However, she may not spawn in every game, so you may have to try several matches before finding her.

How to purchase an item from Gwen in Fortnite

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Once you find Gwen in Fortnite, you can interact with her by pressing the button that appears on your screen. This will open a menu that shows the items she sells and their prices. You can use your gold bars to buy any item from her, but if you want to get the web-shooters, you will need to pay 500 gold bars.

Gwen also sells Shield Kegs for 250 gold bars and Mini Shield Potions for 30 gold bars. These items can help you restore your shield and health if you get into a fight. Additionally, the first time you interact with her in a game, she will drop a free healing item.

After you purchase an item from Gwen, you will complete one of the weekly quests and earn some XP for your Battle Pass. You can also equip the web shooters and use them to swing around the map like Spider-Man. Just be careful not to fall too far or get shot by other players.

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