Best XP Maps In Fortnite

Best XP Maps In Fortnite
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Coleman Hamstead


22nd Nov 2022 17:35

The best XP Maps in Fortnite will bombard you with loads of XP so fast you won't know what hit you. Some Fortnite Creators have uncovered a way to exploit Creative Mode and manufacture Islands that offer unheard-of XP rates. So, if you want in on the action, check out this list of the best XP Maps in Fortnite.

What Are Fortnite XP Maps?

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While Creative Mode has always been one of the best ways to earn XP in Fortnite, Fortnite XP Maps are specifically designed to offer insane XP rates. Typically, XP Maps instruct its users to partake in rudimentary tasks that award magnified XP.

Often, the Creators build these Fortnite XP Maps so that the XP keeps flowing non-stop, even if you're AFK! That means you can go for a walk or eat dinner and come back to an account with more XP than you could ever dream of.

How To Access Fortnite XP Maps

You can access Fortnite XP Maps just as you would any regular Creative Island.

Launch Fortnite and navigate to Discover by changing game modes in the Lobby. After that, select "Island Code" at the top of the screen and enter the associated Code. Now, click "Play" to visit the XP Map!

Best XP Maps In Fortnite: 1v1 Build Fight Map (9496-3304-5859)

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Launch this XP Map and exit the waiting area by holding the "Play" button. Now, look around until you see a Vault and an "XP Shop" button. Click the button to enter the XP Shop.

The XP Shop on this Creative Island is an absolute oasis of XP. First, press the AFK button on the wall. Next, feel free to annihilate Chickens, Pickaxe the Tomato Heads, or go Fishing! All these activities award XP.

Killing Chickens will net you Coins, while Fishing will get you Metal. You can use the buttons on the wall to turn both of these items into even more XP. Finally, every 30 minutes, you can press another button for a massive XP gift.

Best XP Maps In Fortnite: Pro 1000 (1125-3213-5406)

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Begin the match and head down the right staircase into the main area. Next, take the stairs on the right up into a seating area with stacks of cash and gold bars littered everywhere. Interact with the leftmost black couch to claim 1,000 Coins.

After that, jump down and open the door on the ground floor. Just inside the secret room are two buttons that control the door. Spam these buttons, opening and closing the door, and you'll earn an absurd amount of XP.

Best XP Maps In Fortnite: Ultimate Mars 1v1 (7226-4998-8494)

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After you spawn in, turn around and press the button on the wall that reads "AFK XP". You will now receive XP every second for as long as you remain in the match. Additionally, this XP Map includes a few secret buttons that'll enhance your XP gains even further.

When you're ready to go AFK, click the "Crash Pad" button immediately to the left of the "AFK XP" button. This will teleport you to a Crash Pad room where you can bounce around without fear of being removed for inactivity.

If you feel like being more active, this XP Map also features an AFK Shop where you can slay Wildlife and harvest objects for bonus XP.

Best XP Maps In Fortnite: The Parkour Deathrun 200+ (1132-3482-8021)

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A classic Parkour Map, except this one is littered with XP Coins. The course is relatively easy too. If you have some time to spare, check this course out, and you won't be disappointed with the XP!

Best XP Maps In Fortnite: Variety Dropper (3547-1699-5825)

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One of the more enjoyable ways to earn XP via Fortnite XP Maps, Variety Dropper is a fun little minigame in which players must descend through an obstacle course unobstructed and make it to safety without dying of fall damage.

There are three ways to earn XP in Variety Dropper. For starters, you will earn XP every few minutes you hang out on the map. Then, completing levels awards significant chunks of XP. And if you beat the whole thing, you'll get an even fatter lump of XP!

These Fortnite XP Maps should offer more than enough XP to fulfil your needs. But be aware Epic Games is known to disable XP Maps that generate more XP than intended. With that said, hold onto your favourite XP Map tight and use it while you can because one day it might no longer be available!

You will want to earn as much XP as possible before the Fortnite Fracture Event!

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