Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's difficulty settings explained & which to choose

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's difficulty settings explained & which to choose
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29th Feb 2024 00:00

If you're just loading up Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for the first time, you may find choosing the right difficulty option challenging as there are several to choose from.

Below, I'll give you the key information you need to know to decide which one is best for you, whether you're a seasoned FF& Remake veteran or jumping into the game as a newcomer.

FF7 Rebirth difficulty settings

Difficulty mode Details
Easy "Select this if you want to enjoy the story without worrying about battles."
Normal "The standard difficulty. Select this if you want to fully experience battles as well as the story."
Dynamic "Enemy difficulty adjusts automatically based on your skill level. Select this if you love the thrill of the fight."

All of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth difficulty settings you can select are in the table above, from Easy to Dynamic, with their details on what they add to the game.

Does FF7 Rebirth have any difficulty trophies?

The FF7 Rebirth difficulty settings menu on the "Normal" option
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Yes, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has one trophy with a difficulty wall: "Of Hardy Stock", requiring you to "complete all chapters on Hard difficulty". 

How to unlock Hard mode

Hard mode in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth becomes available once you beat the game, but isn't available as a typical difficulty mode like the three mentioned above, but instead via the Chapter Selection menu.

Playing any chapter lets you replay your chosen section of the story with your progress, level, equipment, and materia carried over. Complete every chapter in the Hard difficulty, and the "Of Hardy Stock" trophy will be added to your FF7 Rebirth collection.

Which difficulty should you choose?

The normal difficulty would be best in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for a typical first playthrough - so you can enjoy the full balance of combat and story as intended. However, if you're already confident of your ability from playing FF7 Remake or similar games, there's nothing wrong with switching things up in Rebirth to Dynamic for a bit of a challenge.

If you want to go into Easy mode to prioritise diving into the story, the right difficulty for you is all about personal preference. 

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