How long is FF7R INTERmission DLC & should you play it before Rebirth?

How long is FF7R INTERmission DLC & should you play it before Rebirth?
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26th Feb 2024 17:08

Introducing Yuffie in the remake, it's easy to wonder how long the FF7 INTERmission DLC is and if you need to play it before Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Since it was only available as part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake's PS5 Intergrade version, even I struggled to decide if it would be worth putting the extra hours in to catch up years later before jumping into the new game.

Thankfully, I've played through it and got the answers to both questions for you. 

How long is FF7R INTERmission DLC?

The FF7 Remake INTERmission DLC is around five hours long at minimum if you play through Yuffie's story from start to finish on Normal difficulty - with as little time spent on side missions like the VR battles, the Fort Condor mini-game, and collecting Happy Turtle posters. 

If you want to at least dabble into the side content, or achieve 100% completion, the Yuffie INTERmission DLC for Final Fantasy 7 will take you between six and 15 hours. 

Yuffie and Sonon in FF7 Remake Intergrade DLC
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Hard difficulty length

If you play the FF7 Remake INTERMISSION DLC on Hard, difficulty, however, the much more challenging fights will require a good amount of both trial and error in optimising your team, several attempts that might be needed for some battles, and even encounters themselves taking longer. 

At the very least, InterMISSION on the harder difficulty will take you about seven to eight hours. If you want to try various side quests or even complete everything the DLC has to offer, you may be spending anywhere between eight and 18 hours. 

Do you need to play INTERmission before Rebirth?

If you have the time, yes, you should play the INTERmission DLC before you start Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Although the core campaign itself is not essential to Rebirth as a whole, the DLC is a fun and dedicated introduction to Yuffie before she becomes a key member of the team in the game.

Not only does the combat itself and her partner Sonon make for a light and charming warm-up before diving back into the world of FF7, INTERmission even lays some of the groundwork as well around Wutai, Yuffie's homeland and a key location from the original Final Fantasy 7. 

So, to be as brushed up on the lore and characters so you know exactly what's going on in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the FF7R INTERmission DLC is a must. 

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