All we know about whether Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will come to PC, PS4 & Xbox

All we know about whether Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will come to PC, PS4 & Xbox
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19th Feb 2024 14:22


The return of Final Fantasy 7 has players once again searching for whether FF7 Rebirth will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox platforms. I'm here to help, as any gamers who don't have a PS5 can get the answer right here in this handy guide. 

Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth come to PC?

At the time of writing, there are currently no plans for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to come to PC as the sequel to the FF7 remake is launching as a PS5 exclusive - as confirmed in Square Enix's press release back in July 2023. 

However, the word 'currently' is key here, because FF7 Rebirth's only a PS5 exclusive for three months, as shown at the end of the release date announcement trailer for the game.

After said period of timed exclusivity on PS5, a PC port of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is most likely to follow since the Intergrade version of the first game is already on PC platforms like Steam and the Epic Games store. 

Do we know when it could come to PC?

Theoretically, this means that the game could come to PC as soon as Wednesday, May 29, 2024, which is when FF7's timed exclusivity for PlayStation 5 ends.

The phrasing "at least", which was used in the aforementioned trailer (shown below), means a PC port can come anytime afterwards. 

A trailer screenshot showing May 29, 2024, the date Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth exclusivity ends
Click to enlarge

I've interpreted this as Square Enix Creative Business Unit I essentially covering itself on any extra lead time that might be needed to optimise FF7 Rebirth for PC - a timely process for any game.

Whether the terms of the timed PS5 exclusivity mean the developer can still work on other versions of the game for release at the end of the three months, or they're not even allowed to start developing the port until May 29, remains unclear. 

Whichever way it ends up going, the developer will likely be making the PC port of FF7 Rebirth one of their next priorities after its PS5 launch - likely hoping to top the seven million copies the first game sold.

Could FF7 Rebirth come to PS4?

Sadly for Final Fantasy players still on the last-gen console, FF7 Rebirth will not be coming to PS4.

While there had previously been some confusion last year with the PS4 logo on the game's website, GamesRadar soon received confirmation from Square Enix that it was placed in error and was soon corrected - clarifying that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will not be coming to the PlayStation 4. 

Given the older PlayStation console has already passed its tenth birthday, it's no surprise that Square Enix wants to keep it as a current-gen exclusive on PS5 to maintain the higher graphical quality and gameplay with the speed of the system's SSD.

What about Xbox?

As is the case with PC, there are currently no plans for FF7 Rebirth to come to Xbox, but is still possible following the end of the game's timed exclusivity on PS5. 

In comparison to Steam and Windows though, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth coming to Xbox is far less likely - given the first game still hasn't been announced for the Xbox One or Series X|S almost four years after its original launch.

This is generally due to Square Enix's closer relationship with PlayStation, making it far easier for the PS5 to maintain console exclusivity.

Although Square Enix has been committing more titles to the Xbox platform, as Phil Spencer mentioned in a GamesCom 2023 interview with IGN, progress has still been slow as he's "not going to push them". 

So, if you're an Xbox player who wants to play both games in the Final Fantasy Remake series, especially Rebirth, buying a PS5 is your only option for the time being.

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