How to get all romance options for the Ferris Wheel date in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

How to get all romance options for the Ferris Wheel date in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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29th Feb 2024 13:20

Everyone's got a favourite character, so having them be your partner for the Ferris Wheel date in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth requires picking the right choices and optimising your romance options.

Numerous points throughout the game give you the chance to further your bonds with each character - but it's sometimes an either-or situation so you'll need to know when your decisions matter. Thankfully we've laid out all of the important moments so that you can get your ideal Skywheel date - so let your Cupid's arrow fly and let the romance begin.

SPOILER WARNING: Be warned, as this next section reveals when the Ferris Wheel date occurs in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

When is the Ferris Wheel date in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Image of the Skywheel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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The Ferris Wheel or Skywheel date happens during Chapter 12 on your second visit to the Gold Saucer. You have until the moment that you go to sleep in the Haunted Hotel to prepare, so make sure that you've done everything you think you need to do prior to this as your date will be locked in the moment you decide to rest.

Image of the option to ride the Skywheel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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SPOILER WARNING: Me again! This next section has spoilers for key moments in the game that play a part in who your date will be for the Skywheel. Continue reading only if you want to be prepared for when they happen.

How to get all romance options for the Ferris Wheel date

Your date for the Ferris Wheel event is determined by the party member that you have the strongest bond with, which is enhanced through various story events and side quests.

Image of Aerith's relationship page in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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You can see this bond after specific moments or by pressing L1 at any point, and a smiley face should appear above each character's head. Choosing the 'right' dialogue option is often the best way to enhance this bond, but you can also further it by completing the character's linked side quests, or by following specific story beats, which I'll detail below.

Here are all of the pivotal story beats that you can engage with to enhance your bond with each party member:


  • Inauguration Parade (Chapter 4)
  • Same Taste in Beachwear (Chapter 6)
  • Costa del Sol Beach Fight Partner (Chapter 6)


  • Inauguration Parade (Chapter 4)
  • Same Taste in Beachwear (Chapter 6)
  • Costa del Sol Beach Fight Partner (Chapter 6)


  • Costa del Sol Beach Fight Partner (Chapter 6)
  • Corel Minecart Route & Score (Chapter 7)
  • Corel Prison Buggy Escape (Chapter 8)


  • Shinra-8 Queen's Blood Tournament (Chapter 5)
  • Costa del Sol Beach Fight Partner (Chapter 6)
  • Gold Saucer Welcome Brawl with Dio (Chapter 8)
  • Gold Saucer Queen's Blood Rematch (Chapter 8)


  • Corel Minecart Route & Score (Chapter 7)
  • 3D Brawler Match (Chapter 8)

The three other defining factors are 'Conversations', 'Odd Jobs', and 'Synergy Skills & Abilities' - so make sure to try to pick the right options, complete all of your desired parter's side quests, and unlock all of the right Synergy Abilities in your desired character's Folio.

Image of the Chapter 12 date options in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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There is also an option to take 'Others' to the date, in which Cait Sith, Vincent, and Cid will accompany you around the Gold Saucer and jump on the Skywheel with you. As far as I can tell this is only accessible once you have completed the game and gained access to the 'Extra Settings' menu where you can manually set your companion, but if this isn't the case I'll make sure to update you with further details.

Yuffie is definitely the hardest character to get the Ferris Wheel date for in my eyes, as she obviously joins the game around halfway through and thus has fewer opportunities to gain a bond. She does have a fair amount of linked side quests though, so you'd better try and get through those if you want the Wutai Materia Hunter to join you.

Image of Cloud and Aerith on the Ferris Wheel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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I managed to get Aerith in my playthrough which I was delighted with as she's my favourite character - so having her for both Chapter 8 and Chapter 12 in the Gold Saucer was an ideal experience. From what I can tell your companion in Chapter 8 doesn't have a bearing on the Chapter 12 outcome - so don't stress if you don't get the person you want as there's still plenty of time to work it out.

Each date has its own unique cutscene though, so make sure to see them all as you never know what might happen in each one!

Head over to our Final Fantasy homepage for more tips and tricks while playing Rebirth, as we've got the best Materia you can use, the best party combinations, all hidden Cactuar locations, and where to find Chocobo in every region.

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