Rarest Fall Guys Skins

Rarest Fall Guys Skins
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15th Jul 2022 13:36

Fall Guys is overflowing with cosmetics, but what are the rarest Fall Guys Skins of all? Skins, aka, Costumes, are how you express yourself in Fall Guys. Everyone wants to stand out and be unique, but that can be difficult when there are millions of players who all own the same common cosmetics. However, if you can get your hands on any of these rare Fall Guys Skins, you'll certainly grab the attention of everyone around.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Prickles

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The Prickles Fall Guys Costume was an apology gift from Mediatonic for the server issues that plagued the game shortly after its official release back in August 2020. Prickles was awarded to anyone that played Fall Guys before August 13, 2020. This rare Skin is no longer obtainable.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Crash Tester

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The Crash Tester Fall Guys Costume was a special reward handed out only to PC and PS4 players that participated in the Fall Guys closed beta back in August of 2020. 

To give an idea of Crash Tester's rarity, only around 100,000 individuals received invites to Fall Guys' closed beta. Considering that over 50 million people have played Fall Guys, it's not often you'll encounter a Crash Tester out in the wild.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Gordon Headcrab

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Gordon Headcrab was a Steam-exclusive Fall Guys Costume given to individuals that preordered Fall Guys on Steam. This Fall Guys Skin depicts the iconic Gordon Freeman from Half-Life with a Headcrab atop his skull.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Marblellous

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No Skin in Fall Guys showcases sheer skill and talent like Marblellous. To unlock the full Marblellous Costume, one must collect 4,500 Crowns and reach Crown Rank 54. For most, Marblellous is just a distant dream, as equipping it means you've won thousands of Fall Guys Shows.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight Costume is an extremely limited Fall Guys Skin awarded via social media competitions and community events. The list of competitions that can net you the Dark Knight Fall Guys Costume include:

  • Twitter Ratio
  • Instagram Comments
  • Discord Art Contest
  • Given to players that maxed out the Crown Rank prior to a specific date
  • Mediatonic Special Effect Charity Stream Giveaways
  • Discord Giveaways
  • Discord Treasure Hunt Event
  • Discord Bracket Event
  • Gifted to members with the role "Crowned Jelly Bean" in the official Fall Guys Discord Server
  • Given to some Board of Beans Season 1 beta test participants


It's rumoured that only about 500 Dark Knight Skins exist in circulation.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Magic Dragon

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One of the rarest Costumes in all of Fall Guys, Magic Dragon is owned by a select few Fall Guys players that were able to pull off ludicrous feats of accomplishment.

The ways one could earn the Fall Guys Magic Dragon Skin include:

  • Completing Lil Yeety Competition
  • Discord Bert Competition
  • Discord Treasure Hunt Event
  • Given to players that maxed out the Crown Rank before a specific date
  • First place in the Discord Bingo Fiesta in May 2022

If you see a Magic Dragon in your Show, know you're falling with the elite.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Mediatonic Pattern

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The Fall Guys Mediatonic Pattern is a unique pattern that stamps the Mediatonic logo across the user's bean's chest. This pattern is exclusive to Mediatonic employees, making it perhaps the rarest pattern in all of Fall Guys.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Rival And Winner

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The Fall Guys Rival and Winner Costumes are bonus gifts awarded to Fall Guys Twitch Rivals participants. All Fall Guys Twitch Rival participants walk away with the Rival Skin as a present, while the Winner Costume is only for Fall Guys Twitch Rivals champions.

Fall Guys Twitch Rivals events are invite-only, so only hand-selected, prestige individuals will ever even have the opportunity to earn these Fall Guys Skins.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Fall Queen

While not a Skin, Fall Queen is the rarest Nickname in all of Fall Guys. Twitch streamer KawaiiNekoWaifu is the sole owner of this Nickname in recognition of her astronomical Crown count of over 21,000 Solo Crowns.

Rarest Fall Guys Skins: Pink Pirate

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The Pink Pirate Costume was a surprise gift awarded on the one-year anniversary of the official Fall Guys Discord Server (January 16, 2021) to members with the role "Jelly Bean Mod" or higher. 

This Fall Guys Skin is still obtainable, but you'll have to work your way to a Jelly Bean Mod position in the Fall Guys Discord.

That concludes our list of the ten rarest Skins in all of Fall Guys. Some of these will maintain their limited rarity forever, as they're no longer obtainable. Others, while still rare, remain available to those with willpower and dedication. Either way, an encounter with any of these rarest Fall Guys Skins means that you're in the presence of true royalty.

Unfortunately, rare costumes won't boost your skill levels. For that, you'll want to check out our guide on how to win Fall Guys.

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